Bionic ending explained: Is Gus alive? 

A still from Bionic (Image via Netflix)
A still from Bionic (Image via YouTube/Netflix)

Netflix recently came out with another entry in its sci-fi palette with Bionic, a Portuguese-language film from Brazil dealing with advanced prosthetics and technologies from the future. Set in a near future where advanced prosthetic body parts have taken over many fields, including athletics, the film follows the tale of two sisters, Gabi (Kagga Jayson) and Maria (Jéssica Córes) Santos.

Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers for the film. Readers' discretion is advised.

From the mind of the director Afonso Poyart, the film deals with multiple themes, including sibling rivalry and a robot vs. human debate. However, the film is criticized for not pulling off any of the arcs convincingly despite a stellar performance from Jéssica Córes and much investment in the CGI part of the film.

The film delves into many plotlines, traverses multiple directions, and reaches a conclusion that sticks the landing despite a rocky ride. While a lot is happening throughout the film, it is revealed in the end that Gus, the third Santos sibling, is indeed alive, though with some serious injuries.

The official synopsis for the film reads:

"Maria, an athlete poised for victory, finds her world turned upside down when bionic prosthetics revolutionize sports. Traditional athletes are rendered obsolete as these enhanced competitors dominate the field, becoming the new stars."

Bionic ending: What happened to Gus, Maria, and Gabi?

A still from Bionic (Image via YouTube/Netflix)
A still from Bionic (Image via YouTube/Netflix)

Initially, Bionic seemed to be going in the direction of a sports drama filled with sibling rivalry set in a technologically advanced age. However, the film incorporated much more by the time the final act came. This included a huge plot by Heitor, who turned out to be the primary antagonist of the film.

The finale saw Maria taking on Heitor while exposing his sinister plan of selling illegal prosthetic implants, which, in the wrong hands, could be very dangerous. In a magnetic action sequence that echoed notes of Zack Snyder's work, Maria used her prosthetic limb to overpower Heitor.

Gabi arrives just in time to save her sister and take her away before the cops arrive. She loses her prosthetic leg in the process, making up for a small sister-to-sister moment in the conclusion.

Bionic time jumps months in the future following this, where Gabi and Maria's father is still looking for them. However, all three siblings are not around anymore. It is soon revealed that Maria is still honing her skills with her prosthetic body part, becoming better at the craft. It is hinted that Maria would go on to train other athletes in the field. As for Gabi, she embraces a life of secrecy, working alongside a mysterious associate from Heitor's team.

The ending culminates in a variety of face-offs (Image via YouTube/Netflix)
The ending culminates in a variety of face-offs (Image via YouTube/Netflix)

It is then revealed that Gus, Gabi and Maria's brother, is alive with serious injuries. But with his unfixable injuries, he has been transformed into a semi-robotic being with many prosthetic, enhanced body parts. This also makes him the strongest of the three.

The final twist in the film reveals that Maria proposed a plan to a shady businessman from Heitor's business, where the three of them will be the weapons. Hence, this kickstarts the trend of genetically enhanced humans.

The ending also leaves off on a note that hints that there is a sequel to Bionic.

Bionic is currently streaming on Netflix.

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