Bionic review: Is the Netflix movie worth a watch?

A still from Bionic (Image via Netflix)
A still from Bionic (Image via Netflix)

Amid a flurry of new and ground-breaking sci-fi attempts, Netflix most recently dropped Bionic, a sci-fi film that tries to immerse viewers in the world of cybernetic implants and ace para-athletics. Directed by Afonso Poyart with a script from Josefina Trotta, Bionic perhaps promises things too loudly from the very start for its own good.

The film premiered on May 29, 2024, bringing forth a very exciting world, full of hunger and thrill. But with almost too much leading up to too little, it is another swing-and-miss for Netflix.

If you are planning to catch Bionic on Netflix, you should keep in mind that the film may only appeal to very hardcore fans of the genre as there is hardly anything immersive for casual movie fans. And for those who relish cinema, this is simply not it.

*Warning- There may be major spoilers for Bionic below.

Bionic is a tired attempt at things that have been done by many, and much better


From its initial trailer, the Jessica Córes-led sci-fi entry seemed very interesting, combining the world of athletics, cybernetics, and many futuristic elements, but like Rebel Moon before it, Netflix once again failed to deliver the exact recipe that would have worked.

The movie kicked off with a rather long and boring exposition of the world around, slowly forming a story that is not as compelling as it is made out to be. Maria, her athletic ambitions, her amputee sister's fame, and her brother's unexpected involvement in all of it may have proved to be a solid backbone to write a story around, but it all did not fall into place as one would hope. Instead, the film seemed too jumbled from the very start.

As the story progresses, and we get deeper into the world of understanding what is human and what is robot, a theme that has existed for decades, the film loses more of its footing. This is partly because the direction which it takes is more or less unclear throughout.

By the time Bionic tries to delve into the more emotional sister bond, for instance, it has the bare minimum impact. The same goes for all the plot lines that the film tried to weave together despite its failure to condense it into a solid 2-hour script.

As for visuals, there is a lot of investment there. With a world-building that does not look cheap to so many scenes that seem to deploy a lot of help from CGI, the film does look the part, but not for long. This is because of some weak choices in visual storytelling.

One of the noticeable examples of this is the repeated use of slow-motion shots, almost as if taking a page from Zack Snyder's book, and putting it in a place it does not fit.

Despite having a plot that very well could have worked, the film's major flaw as it approaches the final act is its inability to be immersive. The film ends with no significant impact and rather with a tired attempt at things that have been done by many, and much better in the past.

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To give a final verdict, Bionic is not for cinema fans or casual fans. Of course, fans of the genre may enjoy certain elements, but it is not a film that will go on to rule the critics' circles or award ceremonies.

Bionic is now streaming on Netflix.

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