Amazon drops first teaser of My Fault sequel Your Fault

Your Fault (Image via AmazonPrimeVideos/Instagram)
Your Fault (Image via AmazonPrimeVideos/Instagram)

Since the release of the 2023 spanish rom-com My Fault, the internet has been gushing over it, compelling Amazon to tease the sequel, Your Fault. Domingo Gonzalez directed the prequel starring Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara, which went on to become one of the most talked about rom-coms of the year on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Amazon released the teaser of the sequel, Your Fault, on Instagram on May 15, 2024. The teaser has gotten more than 24 million views, and fans have been going crazy, as evident in the comment section. So, the fan-favorite romcom is about to return for a second part in December 2024.

Your Fault teaser insights

The teaser for Your Fault shows a touching moment between Nick and Noah, hinting at the complex emotions still swirling between them. In the video, Nick tries to bridge the gap by offering Noah blue flowers, a gesture suggesting he's seeking forgiveness or maybe a fresh start.

However, Noah isn’t ready to take them, indicating there's still hurt and possibly unresolved issues that might have grown since we last saw them. Her action of pushing the flowers to the ground and their subsequent fall symbolize a rejection not just of the gesture, but possibly of what Nick currently represents in her life. The rejection does set up a deep anticipation among fans for a story about dealing with past wounds and the difficulties of moving forward.

Where did My Fault end?


As the film approached the ending, tensions escalated with Noah's kidnapping orchestrated by her estranged father, Jonás. He was seeking revenge against his daughter and her mother for his imprisonment. The plot twist leads to a gripping car chase which was a staple of high-stakes drama which showed the dire circumstances the characters find themselves in.

During the climactic sequence, Nick, driven by his love and desperation to save Noah, utilizes an insurance tracker to locate her. The chase culminates in a showdown at a pier, where Jonás and Noah are intercepted by Nick and the police. In a tense and dangerous confrontation, Jonás holds Noah at gunpoint, threatening her life as a final act of control. The situation reaches its peak when police manage to fatally shoot Jonás, which rescues Noah and ends his reign of terror.

The emotional aftermath of this rescue sees Noah and Nick grappling with the implications of their relationship. Despite having a deep bond, the societal and familial pressures surrounding their taboo relationship loom large. They briefly contemplate ending their affair. The decision came from their understanding of the complexities and potential fallout of continuing their relationship in the public eye.

The film concludes on a bittersweet note, with Noah and Nick together yet facing an uncertain future. Their love, though genuine and deeply felt, is marred by the challenges they must overcome. Nothing is confirmed yet but there is a good chance that the sequel, Your Fault will pick the story from there and move forward in the new season.

Who all are coming back for the next season?

There hasn't been any word about the cast members and directors who are coming back for the sequel. But as per the teaser, Nicole Wallace is set to return as Noah and Gabriel Guevara will be the one playing Nick.

There is a good chance that Domingo Gonzalez will also return to direct, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Your Fault will be released in December and fans have made a note of it. As per the comments on the Instagram post, their craziness over the sequel goes off the roof. And they are eager to get a confirmed word from the studio about everything in the coming days.

Edited by Bharath S
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