"This has the highest potential to be the greatest biopic ever"— Fans respond as Michael Jackson's biopic gets an interesting update

Michael Jackson Announces Plans For Summer Residency At The O2 Arena
Michael Jackson is regarded as the King of Pop (image via Getty)

Michael Jackson's biopic, titled Michael and directed by Antoine Fuqua, is one of the most anticipated films of 2025. Ever since its announcement, fans have been following updates about the film.

An interesting update about the Michael Jackson biopic was announced by GK Films on Instagram. The production team confirmed that the principal filming for Michael has been completed, and fans cannot be any more excited about it.

Discussing Film posted about the same on X and user, @RealMona_ had the following to say:

"Listen. This has the highest potential to be the greatest biopic ever. But this can also fail miserably."

Fans were earlier delighted about the announcement of Jaafar Jackson to portray Michael Jackson in the upcoming biopic. Jaafar, who is the nephew of the legendary Pop artist, looks eerily similar to him. The first look at Jaafar was announced by GK Films in January 2023 and awed fans who noted how identical he looked to his uncle. With the filming finally wrapped up, many fans are lauding the potential for the film to be great.

Another fan commented saying, "The actor portraying Jackson will probably win an Oscar. Rami Malek and Cillian Murphy are good examples."
Another fan on X had similar reactions to the recent update saying, "This is gonna break the box office."

Fans on Instagram are also eager about the film as they receive updates about the completion of filming.

A user said, "Can't wait for The Michael Jackson Biopic!, hopefully it'll be the best music biopic ever!"
I can't express how grateful I am for this biopic. Thank you for all your hard work, can't wait for the trailer!! - Another Instagram user commented.

Early reactions surrounding the Michael Jackson biopic are looking positive as fans are gearing up for the reenactment of the life of one of the world's greatest pop icons.

What we know about the Michael Jackson biopic so far

Buzz surrounding the biopic began early in 2023 when Antoine Fuqua first announced that he would be directing the film. The director is known for directing the popular Equalizer series.

Fuqua said the following about the biopic in an exclusive interview on Good Morning America:

"He was a great artist. And, he was human. So, we're gonna show the good, bad, and the ugly... [We'll] just tell Michael based on the facts that I have. Me and Graham King, the producer who did Bohemian Rhapsody, we're going to tell the facts as we know it, and it's for the audience to make a decision how they feel about Michael, but we're going to tell the facts as we know it."

Michael will also discuss the important events in the singer's life, such as the release of his record-breaking albums, global concert tours, and the legal difficulties he was involved in during the latter half of his career.

The ensemble cast for the film includes Colman Domingo, Nia Long, and Miles Teller. Juliano Krue Valdi will play a younger version of Michael Jackson, as witnessed when he sang with his siblings in his youth (as part of the famous Jackson Five).

Michael is scheduled to be released across theaters on April 18, 2025.

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