Where was Beetlejuice filmed? All filming locations explored

Where was Beetlejuice filmed? All filming locations explored (Image via IMDb)
Where was Beetlejuice filmed? All filming locations explored (Image via IMDb)

Beetlejuice, an iconic 1988 horror comedy by Tim Burton, captured the imagination of many with its dark humor and unique storyline. It was mostly shot in East Corinth, Vermont, and Culver Studios in Culver City, California. These locations were chosen for their unique qualities that met film requirements.

East Corinth, Vermont, was the primary location for the outdoor scenes. This small town in Orange County provided the quintessential small-town feel needed for the fictional village of Winter River, Connecticut.

The movie features the Maitlands' Gothic Victorian mansion, the General Store and the Masonic Hall in East Corinth. However, Culver Studios created elaborate sets to bring Burton's wild visions to life for the interior scenes.

Plot of Beetlejuice and more about the locations

Beetlejuice chronicles the narrative of Barbara and Adam Maitland. The young couple meets a fatal car accident in which they lose their lives.

Subsequently, they reappear as ghosts in their own home. To make sure that the Deetz family, the new residents, feel frightened, they enlist the assistance of Betelgeuse, a mischievous spirit portrayed by Michael Keaton.

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The Maitlands' attempts and Betelgeuse's chaotic interventions culminate in a series of amusing and peculiar occurrences. The better part is that the Maitlands and the Deetzes gradually develop a peaceful coexistence.

The film begins with the Maitlands visiting a hardware store in East Corinth. This store, now defunct, still stands and can be visited by fans. Another key location is the covered bridge where the Maitlands had their fatal accident.

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The bridge was a temporary structure built for the film and removed later. The Masonic Hall in East Corinth served as Miss Shannon's School for Girls, attended by Lydia Deetz and played by Winona Ryder, towards the end of the movie.

The hauntingly picturesque Victorian mansion that the Maitlands call home was a facade built on a hill in East Corinth. After filming, this structure was dismantled.

The movie's interior scenes were shot on custom-built sets at Culver Studios. These sets included the Maitlands' home before and after it was transformed into a modern art piece by the Deetzes.

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Clip from Beetlejuice (Image via IMDb)
Clip from Beetlejuice (Image via IMDb)

Along with contributing to these main locations, East Corinth helped set the film's mood.

For film continuity, East Corinth residents were asked to stay indoors during certain scenes. All the credit goes to the filmmakers, and the local community collaborated to create the flawless merging of reality and fantasy that defines the plot of the film.

Fans can frequently visit East Corinth to observe the actual locations that inspired the film to revisit the moments in mind. Although the General Store is no longer operational, it remains a popular location for taking photographs.

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The Masonic Hall, still standing, provides a glimpse into the movie's final scenes. The town itself retains the quaint charm that made it the perfect setting for Winter River.

Clip from where Beetlejuice was located (Image via IMDb)
Clip from where Beetlejuice was located (Image via IMDb)

Despite the film's success and the announcement of a sequel, it has been confirmed that the new Beetlejuice movie will not be filmed in Vermont. Efforts to bring the production back to East Corinth were unsuccessful.

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However, the original locations chosen for the shoot will still continue to attract fans who appreciate the film's unique blend of humor, horror and heart.

The carefully selected filming locations in East Corinth, Vermont, and Culver Studios, California, gave Beetlejuice its charm and visual appeal.

These locations suited Tim Burton's imaginative storytelling perfectly. While the sequel may not return to Vermont, the original locations honor the film's legacy.

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