Who is Sara Bernstein? Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock settled his divorce with estranged wife 3 months before his death

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Morgan Spurlock's ex-wife Sara Bernstein (Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock passed away on May 23, 2024, amicably setting his divorce with estranged wife Sara Bernstein just three months before his death. Spurlock's demise was the result of complications from cancer at the age of 53. The director shared a son-Kallen (8) with Bernstein.

Sara Bernstein is the president of Imagine Documentaries and an award-winning producer. Bernstein has produced more than 30 documentaries at Imagine including Lucy, Sanana, The Super Models, and many more. Married in 2016, Bernstein and Spurlock filed for divorce in March 2021.

According to an exclusive covered by US Weekly, the couple reached a settlement in February 2024 and a letter had been filed in the court earlier in May'24 as per the court records.

"They amicably settled all issues between them prior to his death" - Spurlock's attorney comments on his divorce with Sara Bernstein

As per Variety, Sara Bernstein is the head of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's entertainment company's non-fiction department. According to The Sun, Howard mentioned that Bernstein was "this force with impeccable credentials, great relationships, and great taste." He mentioned that she was a major player at a young age and knew how to get things done.

Sara Bernstein's work as a producer has been praised time and again wherein as per The Sun, documentary filmmaker Erin Lee Car mentioned that Bernstein has an "incredible read on story" and on the market.

Bernstein's career also comprised working with HBO for 13 years starting at the position of director in documentary programming and moving up to the post of Senior Vice President.

There has been no official statement from Sara Bernstein's end after the news of Morgan Spurlock's death was announced. However, Spurlock's attorney Randi L. Karmel told US Weekly in a statement:

"It’s heartbreaking news. I know Morgan as a wonderful person to work for and was very appreciative of his family and devoted to the health and wellbeing of his children. My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. He was very young and has two young children. They amicably settled all issues between them prior to his death."

Morgan Spurlock was best known for the documentary Super Size Me wherein Spurlock consumed only McDonald's for an entire month and measured its impact on his physical and psychological well-being.

While he produced multiple films and also released Super Size Me 2 in 2017, it was the same year Spurlock admitted in a tweet from December 2017 that he hadn't been sober for more than a week at a time in their years and also revealed numerous incidents of sexual misconduct including infidelity.

Before Sara Bernstein, Morgan Spurlock was married to Alexandra Jamieson with whom he shares his son Laken (17). While Alexandra has also maintained silence on Spurlock's demise, his brother Craig Spurlock gave a statement.

According to US Weekly, Craig Spurlock stated that the day they bid goodbye to Morgan was sad and that the world had "lost a true creative genius and special man." Craig also mentioned that he was proud to have worked alongside his late brother.

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