How many children did Robbie Robertson have? Lawsuit filed against late rocker's widow, claiming elder abuse

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Robbie Robertson's kids sue Janet Zuccarini. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Robbie Robertson, the Canadian musician, married Janet Zuccarini five months before his death. Now, the children of the late rock star are suing the widow, alleging elder abuse and stating that she reportedly took advantage of him during his declining health to obtain part of his properties and trust.

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, the 80-year-old's children Delphine, Sebastian, and Alexandra Robertson, filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles against Zuccarini, accusing her of “financial elder abuse” and “tortious interference with inheritance."

They have stated that after a 2022 surgery for cancer, Robbie did not fully recover. He also reportedly began using powerful opioids, THC, and antipsychotics to help with his pain and stimulate his appetite. The lawsuit read:

"Robertson’s mental state was severely impaired. These drugs he was taking, in the period of time when Zuccarini was arranging the secret wedding and having him sign oppressive documents, are known to have significant effects on cognition, including confusion, hallucinations, torpor, depression, memory loss, and dissociation."

The trustees of Robertson’s estate and trust Adriane Hibbert and David Jackel were also mentioned as the plaintiffs in the case.

Robbie Robertson’s children sue late rocker’s wife Janet Zuccarini

Jaime Royal Robertson OC, professionally known as Robbie Robertson, was the lead guitarist for Bob Dylan and was a member of The Band from 1967 to its end in 1977. He married Canadian journalist Dominique Bourgeois on March 24, 1968, and they had three children together, daughters Alexandra and Delphine, and son Sebastian. They had a divorce in 1977.

On March 12, 2023, he tied the knot with his girlfriend of four years, Janet Zuccarini, five months before his death on August 9, 2023. Their elopement was “kept secret” from his family members, according to the lawsuit.

His children have sued the Canadian entrepreneur and restaurateur on claims of financial elder abuse. The main property in question is the 2021 purchase of David Geffen’s Beverly Hills home on Gilcrest Drive for $6 million.

Both Robbie Robertson and his wife owned 50% of the house each, but it was the musician who put down all of the $1.8-million down payment, according to the suit. The original intention of the musician’s intent upon his death was for the kids to own his 50% of the house. They would, however, have the ability to sell it to Zuccarini, buy her 50% share, or jointly sell the property to her.

According to the lawsuit, that is not what happened, despite Robbie Robertson reassuring them of the same months before his death in August 2023.

The plaintiffs have alleged that the widow used an amendment to the agreement and claimed that “she was entitled to reside in the property until her death – and that [Robertson’s children] were required to pay, from what would have been their modest inheritance, the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, and half of the daily property maintenance expenses for the duration of her life”.

In 2022, Robbie Robertson had cancer surgery and took opioids and THC to manage his pain. According to the lawsuit, the children have claimed that Zuccarini "knew that, especially in his weakened state, he would not understand the subtleties of the documents that she presented to him for signature".

The children's claim revolved around an amendment the married pair had made to their “Tenant in Common” 2021 agreement after moving into the house. Robbie Robertson had signed the amendment in March 2023 only months before his death in August. He had agreed to the clause that in the event of one of their deaths, their estate would have to continue paying off their half of the mortgage.

The children have asked the court to cancel the legal amendment that Robertson signed. Zuccarini’s lawyer, Gabrielle A Vidal, said that the "lawsuit is a meritless fiction and the truth will prevail."

The plaintiffs have asked for $5 million or greater in damages, which is to be proven at trial.

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