How many kids does Dame Dash have? Record executive claims Diddy would be dead if he assaulted his daughters

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How many kids does Dame Dash have? (Image via Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Dame Dash has recently responded to the controversy that erupted after Diddy's assault video featuring Cassie Ventura was revealed by CNN this month. Also known as Damon Anthony Dash, he gained recognition as the co-founder of the record label Roc-A-Fella Records. Furthermore, he is the father of five children: Ava, Boogie, Lucky, Tallulah Ruth, and Dusko.

During his appearance on Choppin' It Up on May 28, 2024, Dash addressed the footage by saying that he did not expect something like that from a person who has been his "peer." He added:

"Because we're the brotherhood of hip-hop, [we've] showed a certain degree of respect, but you can't unsee that, and it's really a shame."

Dame Dash continued by speaking of the assault footage, stating that Diddy would have died if he had done something similar to his daughters. His statement mentioned:

"So, you know, if that were something I would to see happening to my daughter… Puff, he's dead. I'd go do the time or I'd figure out how not to do the time, but I think I could handle watching another man or a man or any man touching or doing any kind of violence to my daughters."

Dame Dash has five children from his relationships

The New York City native has pursued a successful career as an entrepreneur over the years. While his work has made him a popular face among the public, Damon's personal life has also been in the spotlight for his long history of relationships. According to Legit, he is currently engaged to Raquel Horn.

As mentioned, he is the father of five children, and two of them have established themselves in different fields. Dame Dash was romantically linked to a nurse named Linda Williams during the 1980s and welcomed a son named Boogie from that relationship.

Boogie is the co-owner of a cookie company named Chipz Cookies, along with two restaurants. He even appeared in Growing Up Hip Hop and served as president of BLUROC Records.

Dame Dash had two daughters, Ava and Tallulah, from his marriage to fashion designer Rachel Roy. The duo split in 2009 after being together for four years. Ava developed an interest in modeling at a very young age, and apart from that, she has been involved with philanthropic activities over the years.

Legit states that Ava was chosen as a brand ambassador for BCBGMAXAZRIA last year. Furthermore, she worked with organizations such as The Teen Project. Detailed information about Tallulah remains unknown, except that she is now 16 years old.

Dame's fourth child, Lucky, was born from his relationship with Cindy Morales, and he has been the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. Dash got engaged to health and wellness advocate Raquel M. Horn in 2021, and they became the parents of a son named Dusko the previous year.

Dame Dash expresses his dissatisfaction with Diddy's apology video

During his conversation with the hosts of Choppin' It Up, Dame Dash did not mention anything about being a witness to any abuse incident.

However, he admitted that he had heard rumors about the same in the past, which he found hard to believe. He spoke of the things he saw in the footage, stating that he would "hit the n*gga" with a chair or something" in such a situation.

Dame Dash additionally spoke up about his curiosity to know if Diddy was a victim of abuse during his childhood. He stated that since Diddy's actions did not matter a lot to him, he "must have seen that in his life as a young man, or it was done to him."

While Diddy has apologized for the video through Instagram, Dame said that he was not going to confess anything that he ever did.

"And now, just because it came out, he's saying sorry, but it's like now, it's hard to believe anything else that he says. And it's hard not to believe anything that Cassie is accusing or alleging in the lawsuit, because I think I wouldn't have I couldn't fathom ever having that kind of aggression towards a woman."

Meanwhile, Diddy has not responded to the statements shared by Dash in the interview.

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