"Keanu Reeves of music" — Fans praise Chris Martin after Coldplay frontman helps elderly woman reach his concert

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Chris Martin helps woman reach concert venue. (Photo by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images)

English singer and producer Chris Martin recently went viral for helping a fan with mobility issues attend his concert by offering her a lift to Radio 1's Big Weekend.

The 64-year-old woman, Saundra Glenn, had osteoarthritis and "a dodgy right hip". She was on her way to the venue when she stopped to rest against a fence. She told BBC on May 27, 2024, that then a black Mercedes pulled up near her. She added:

"The door opens and I said, 'Oh that's Chris Martin, I can't get in with him' and they said 'Yes you can'."

Glenn was referring to a lady, who was also inside the car, as "they", and asked her to get in so the Coldplay front-runner could give her the lift.

Fan compares Keanu Reeves and Chris Martin. (Images via Reddit/@Fauxmoi)
Fan compares Keanu Reeves and Chris Martin. (Images via Reddit/@Fauxmoi)

Netizens reacted to the incident as one compared Chris to actor Keanu Reeves. The Canadian-born star is also known for being humble and helpful to strangers and friends alike.

Glenn also shared that she had considered returning home to watch the performance on TV before the car arrived in front of her. However, she explained that she decided to stay, saying:

"But I thought I loved Coldplay and never thought I'd never get another chance to see them in my hometown."

The fans of the band were pleased with the sweet gesture and took to Reddit to talk about the news.

"This is so kind-hearted 🤍🤍", a user wrote.
"I appreciate this wholesome pop culture news. I don’t know much about his character tbh, but this is nice 🥹", a netizen wrote.
"It’s nice to see wholesome news this morning", another user stated.

Other netizens also appreciated Chris as a person:

"Chris Martin is always a sweetie," one fan said.
"He seems like one of those true people-person types 😌", another netizen stated.
"His personality fits his voice - comforting like a warm blanket," a user wrote.

Some users also complimented the band and their skills.

"Love how he’s smiling harder than she is in the photo. Also, Coldplay is one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.", one reaction read.
"Love Coldplay," a fan stated.
"It's nice to see nice comments in here about Coldplay, there was a point where their music was considered cringe by some (in the UK & US) even though they usually chart well in the UK," another reaction read.

Chris Martin has not commented on the incident going viral yet.

Saundra Glenn and Chris Martin share a conversation about music and her parents

After Chris Martin's team asked Saundra Glenn to take a seat in the Mercedes, the singer even offered to help her into the vehicle, but she politely declined.

Coldplay performed at Luton, Stockwood Park, England on May 26, 2024, at 10:30 am.

Saundra sat inside the vehicle next to Chris Martin as they made their way to the artist area. She disclosed:

"When we got to the artist area, he didn't leave me there, he said 'get the golf buggy and make sure Saundra reaches her destination'. It's the fact he's conscious of disability, he's such a kind person."

She said she doesn't "do festivals, I've come just to see you and now I've seen you and I can go home," making Martin laugh.

Glenn recommended a place to eat, Chicken George, and told him how she has lived longer than both of her parents. The singer said to her:

"He said 'you're not going anywhere yet', I was clutching his shoulder and having a chat like two old women."

During the ride, she also asked about the concert and if they could change the lyrics from the song Yellow to Orange. Chris Martin said there would be "a good surprise".

Instead, Chris delivered a performance with a new track called Orange, which he had written the night before in honor of Luton and its football club.

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