Fact check — Did Kendrick Lamar release a new album through pgLang? Viral social media claim debunked

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Rumors about a new album from Kendrick Lamar began surfacing online last week (Image via Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar has returned to the news after rumors of a new album started making rounds on the internet last week. The rumors that came on the head of Drake's Taylor Made Freestyle diss track claimed that Lamar secretly released the latest album through his creative company pgLang.

Multiple posts started appearing on X last Friday, April 26, with links for a 15-track album on the streaming app 'untitled.' The playlist included a cover from pgLang and was also reported to be posted by the creative company. However, pgLang has not confirmed this on its social media accounts or other official channels.

While several people started believing the album to be a new project and sharing it with others, it didn't take the OG fans long to debunk the rumors. The leaked album was soon traced back to a post from a Reddit user @higherpowerhelpme, who posted it on the rapper's subreddit with the caption:

"I compiled my favorite Kendrick leaks to try & create a conceptual cohesive playlist lmk if yall fw these tunes."

The playlist included previously leaked tracks that were either discarded by the rapper or just couldn't make their way into official projects. While most of the tracks were exceptionally good from fans' perspectives, neither of them was a new project from Lamar.

The fan album included tracks like - Tranquilizer, Bless Up (feat. Brent Faiyaz), I Feel Something, One of You (feat. André 3000 & N.E.R.D), Gotta Love Me (feat. Baby Keem), Mother I Sober pt. 2, Victim, Pure, Falsehood, and more.

Kendrick Lamar has not released a new album through pgLang

Kendrick Lamar has long been considered one of the greatest American rappers, whose projects fans often eagerly await. With the ongoing beef with Drake, fans anticipated that Lamar would release something new in response to the diss tracks, but the Grammy-winning singer kept his lips sealed.

While the rumors of the allegedly new project were too good to be true, fans couldn't help confusing it for the real deal. As the leaks started reaching more people, several fans came up to clarify that the leaked album was a fan-made compilation of tracks dating back to the 2020s.

Rumors of Kendrick Lamar releasing a new album found to be false (Image via Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Rumors of Kendrick Lamar releasing a new album found to be false (Image via Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

One X user, @donteTheAPPLE, commented that those were old leaks from two years ago and that fans could easily find them on Soundcloud.

"This is NOT new Kendrick Lamar! all these leaks dropped two years ago. you can still find em all on soundcloud too."

Another user, @JuJu_Da_Gamer, stressed that neither pgLang nor Kendrick Lamar tweeted about the 'allegedly' new album, so it couldn't be the real deal. The user also added that the fan album might have been portrayed as real to get clicks.

"Someone made a Kendrick Lamar leak tape and posted it as real to get clicks? Is that what’s going on? If Kendrick or PGLang ain’t tweet it (which they rarely tweet anyway) it ain’t real."

The American rapper's and his creative company's social media silence is a great sign that the alleged album was never a new project. The fact that the album contains old unreleased tracks and the comment from the original poster only certifies such speculations.

After considering everything, it can be confirmed that the album was just a fan-made compilation of previously leaked or unreleased tracks. Hence, the rumors that Kendrick Lamar secretly released a new album through pgLang are false.

Readers must note that the fan album has now been deleted from the 'untitled' streaming app. However, several fans who downloaded the tracks have uploaded them on YouTube.

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