"I look real unattractive now" — Ray J debuts face tattoos, says he is "Raytired"

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Singer Ray J revealed his multiple new face tattoos during an Instagram Live on Monday, April 22. The tattoos included the names of his children, Melody and Epik, a logo of the Tronix TV Network, and three stars.

In the live stream, Ray said he looks "real unattractive now," and since there are tattoos on his face he "can't do no more movies," and "host no TV shows." The actor further claimed that he "did it on purpose" as he did not want "another call time" to be given to him.

"Yup, I look real unattractive now. There he go. Tattoos on my face. That means I can’t do no more movies, I can’t host no TV shows. It’s all in for me now, n***a. I ain’t wearing no makeup, you feel me?" Yeah I did this on purpose just because I don’t want another call time given to me. I only want to make the call time and what better way to do that than to just decorate your body with what you believe in?"

He captioned the live video "Raytired from working on network TV! Now I hope I’m very unattractive."

Ray J shared pictures of his face tattoos on his Instagram story

Following his live session on Instagram, the singer shared close-up shots of his new tattoos on his story, with multiple captions allegedly trying to explain the meaning of the inks.

Ray J's Tattoos (Image via Instagram/@rayj)
Ray J's Tattoos (Image via Instagram/@rayj)

Ray tagged @tronixnetwork on his post, and wrote several other captions, such as "destroy and rebuild," "Dark times again 4 you opps," "I gave you the blueprint," "evil will be done to the bad who choose to do evil to the good," and "the power of the P."

During his Instagram Live, the singer also indicated that he would get new tattoos and that everybody might like them once they finish.

"I’m about to go finish them right now, and I’m really go big today. When I’m done with them, then I think everybody might f**k with them. But if they don’t, you ain’t got to look at me."

Ray J further revealed that a few doctors called him and tried to reach out through DM, allegedly about his tattoos. The rapper noted that he appreciated the love, stating that those worried about him should let him know and help him lead the right way.

"Everybody tripping. I had a few doctors call me and DM me. Thank you, I appreciate the love because if you worried about me, then please let me know. If I’m falling by the wayside, If I’m going left, help me go right. I’ma listen. Straight up."

Ray J claimed he is a "free man" following his wife Princess Love's divorce announcement in February

Earlier this year on February 27, Ray J's wife Princess Love took to Instagram to announce the couple's divorce. In her post, she said they had come to the "difficult realization" after "much reflection, discussion and counseling."

Following the divorce announcement, Ray J noted that he is a "free man" in another Instagram Live on April 13, where the One Wish singer filmed clips of women twerking around him at an alleged get-together.

In the video, the singer said he is "free" and "can do what he wants." He urged his fans to "stop complaining," and his lifestyle is what "single looks like."

"Now that I’m free and I can do what I want. Stop complaining... Y’all think I’m wrong? F**k off. You never stop this train…We too up to be listening away... If y’all got a problem, I’m happy ya got a problem with this life, because we don’t give a f**k. We never have. We just having fun…I hope I make everybody in the world mad… So mad that they f**king can’t take it anymore and they log off and stop following me…"

Ray J ended the video by saying "Thank you and I love you" to his followers. Many fans are concerned about the rapper's decision to get face tattoos following his divorce. The couple has filed for divorce multiple times over the past few years.

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