Mickey Guyton recounts son's medical emergency from 2021 which inspired her song 'Scary Love'

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Mickey Guyton talks inspiration behind song Scary Love (image via Getty)

Country singer Mickey Guyton, in conversation with host Jennifer Hudson during a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson show, opened up about her son, Grayson's near-death experience in 2021 and how it inspired her latest song, Scary Love.

Guyton welcomed her son Grayson with her husband, Grant Savoy, in February 2021. While speaking about her new song, Guyton said,

"I never understood why my mom was so crazy over me until I had a child of my own. I get it now. This song came out of an experience when I was so close to losing the love of my life, Grayson. Life is so precious and can change in an instant. Scary Love is about that. Love you guys and thank you for being on this journey with me."

Her song, Scary Love, was released on April 26, coinciding with the announcement date of her upcoming CMT ON TOUR, as a part of which she will be touring 22 cities starting September 18.

"I would have done anything to save his life" — Mickey Guyton recalls son Grayson's ER visits

Mickey Guyton looked back on her son, Grayson's near-death experience after the 2021 CMAs.

"Back in 2021 after the CMAs that I did....literally that next day I got home, my son got really sick with a stomach bug, and I didn't know what that entailed. He got really, really, really dehydrated, and three ER visits later he had sepsis."

Guyton recounted that by the time they had reached the hospital, Grayson had lost consciousness. When she pleaded with the medical staff and asked if he would survive, a doctor replied saying:

"I'm not going to lie to you, I'm really concerned...he is the sickest person in the ER right now."

As Guyton recalled falling to her knees and praying, she said she would have taken his spot, and that's how the inspiration for Scary Love came.

"In the moment, I would have done anything to save his life, and without question, I would have taken his spot, and that's where the song came from."

The country singer added that Scary Love is about "the love of a mother and her child."

In the recent interview, the country singer also revealed a lyric video that featured family videos of herself, her husband, and her three-year-old son.

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