"When he come home, we'll get it right"— TI believes Young Thug will be proven innocent in his trial, offers to help rebuild his career

T.I opened up about Young Thug
T.I opened up about Young Thug's YSL trial (Image via YouTube/Young Thug, Instagram/@tip)

Best Friend hitmaker Young Thug received support from fellow rapper T.I. amidst the former's ongoing YSL Rico trial. During a Tuesday, May 28 appearance on The Breakfast Club, T.I. asserted that Young Thug was "comin' home". The rapper felt pretty confident about Thug's chances and further stated

"When he come home, we'll get it right. Just get him here... He'll be just fine."

Thug was arrested back in 2022 after being identified as the alleged leader of a gang named Young Slime Life and was hit with a plethora of charges including conspiring to violate the RICO Act.

T.I. thinks that Young Thug is "comin' home"

T.I. made an appearance on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday to promote his new project LLOGCLAY. During the show, the rapper opened up about how his fellow rapper and friend Young Thug's infamous YSL trial was going to go. The rapper stated that he had recently spoken to Thug and asserted that he was "comin' home". T.I. noted that nobody had ever seen a trial like this one.

When Charlamagne Tha God asked the rapper what made him think that Thugger was coming home, T.I. replied

"I don't think that the prosecution has successfully proven a case of him knowingly and willingly participating in an active street gang. I just don't see it. I don't think that the witnesses that they've called thus far have proven what they said that they would prove."

T.I. did not think that the "grounds of their case" were presented properly. DJ Envy mentioned that the whole situation was sad as Young Thug was unable to spend time with his kids or make any money whilst behind bars. When he mentioned Thug having to start his career from scratch, T.I. asked him not to worry about it as he believed that once the rapper was out, he would be just fine. T.I. noted

"It's all really in the bag. All he's got to do is touchdown."

Young Thug and 27 other alleged gang members were arrested back in May of 2022 after the Fulton County District Attorney alleged that Thugger was the leader of a gang named Young Slime Life (YSL). An updated indictment filed in August of that year saw the rapper looking at 8 serious counts.


The trial continues to receive widespread media attention after officially starting on November 2023. Recently, in January 2024, Trontavious Stephens, a co-founder of YSL took an 8-year probation plea deal and identified Walter Murphy, himself, and Young Thug as the founders of YSL. He said the very next day that YSL was a record label first.

Thug's trial went viral on social media during a plethora of instances, including back in November of last year when Thug's attorney defined the moniker of 'Thug' as Truly Humble Under God and 'Pushin P' as Pushing Positivity. Later in January of this year, one man hacked into the court livestream and yelled "Free Thug, mistrial! Free Thug, mistrial!".

At the time of writing this article, the trial is currently focused on witness testimonies connected to the 2015 murder of alleged rival gang leader Donovan “Big Nut” Thomas Jr., for which five YSL members were directly charged.

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