"Budlight 'em"- Riley Gaines reacts to Planet Fitness facing a loss of $400 million after banning female customer

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX
Riley Gaines reacts to Planet Fitness facing a huge loss after it banned a female customer.

Riley Gaines recently reacted to the news of a gym losing $400 million in 5 days after it banned a female customer for exposing a transgender individual in a women's locker room.

Patricia Silva, a regular practitioner in the gym protested against this injustice from the fitness club franchise Planet Fitness and was consequently banned for her deeds. But the company defended this by saying as quoted by the Daily Mail:

“This discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender member.”

However, she was supported immensely by the public as thousands called for boycotts and cancellations of memberships in the fitness center.

This has led to the franchise facing a huge loss as its valuation dropped sharply from $5.3 billion on March 14 to $4.9 billion on March 19. Besides, the shares of the company have also faced a heavy decrease of 13.59%.

Gaines, who is an active advocate for women's rights reacted to this by sharing the post with the caption:

"Keep going Budlight 'em"

The Tennessee native has been actively raising her voice against the injustice to women may it be in the sports circuit or social lives. Riles, herself faced immense discrimination during the 2022 NCAA Championships when she tied with Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete for the fifth position. However, unfairly enough Thomas was handed the fifth-place trophy while Gaines had to satisfy for the sixth position.

Piers Morgan supports Riley Gaines' stance of not allowing transgender athletes in women's sports

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX
House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX

More than a dozen college athletes including Riley Gaines recently filed a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). According to the lawsuit, the organization has violated the rights of Article IX.

Article IX prohibits any sort of discrimination on the grounds of gender. The suit claims that the organization did so by allowing transgender athletes, Lia Thomas to compete in the 2022 National Championships.

Gaines who recently appeared on the Piers Morgan show elaborated on her stance regarding the participation of transgender men in the women's sport. She said:

"That is not kindness. It's not inclusive to ask a girl like myself what happened to me and my teammates. It's not inclusive to ask us to smile and step aside and allow these men into our podiums. That is not what inclusion is. It's exclusion and exclusive to the very female female athletes who are women in general," she said.

Morgan supported this stance by Riley Gaines as he said:

"Riley, I totally agree with you."

Gaines shared a segment from the show on her Twitter handle with the caption:

"Newsflash...it's not "kind" to ask a young girl to undress in front of a naked, intact man"

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