"Ironic he says this" - Riley Gaines reacts to Representative Jerry Nadler's comment on women's sports 2 years after her picture with Lia Thomas"

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX
Riley Gaines takes a dig at Rep. Jerry Nadler for rejecting the participation of "men in women's sports"

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines recently took a dig at Representative Jerry Nadler's comment about refusing the participation of "men in women's sports."

During a session of the House of Judiciary Committee, Nadler declined any men competing in the women's category in sports. The former University of Kentucky swimmer, Gaines, who has fervently opposed the notion of transgender athletes competing against women, criticized Nadler for his statement.

The representative happened to express his view exactly two years after the 2022 NCAA Swimming Championships where Gaines tied with Lia Thomas, the first openly transgender athlete to secure a D1 title. During the session, Representative Nadler said,

"Men do not compete in women's sports."

Gaines shared a glimpse of the meeting along with the well-recognized image from the 2022 Championships on X (formerly known as Twitter) and wrote,

"Ironic he says this on the EXACT 2 year anniversary of this photo being taken," Gaines wrote. "This 6'4" man isn't fooling anyone with any amount of common sense.
"2 years ago today I had a fire lit under me and communists like Nadler continue to fuel it," the former D1 athlete added.

Gaines and Thomas competed in the women's 200-yard freestyle event in 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. Although both the swimmers tied for fifth place after registering 1:43.40 only Thomas was presented with the fifth place trophy, while Gaines was asked to pose with the sixth place trophy and was informed that her trophy would arrive through mail.

Riley Gaines pans Lia Thomas for pursuing legal actions against World Aquatics

Riley Gaines takes a jab at Lia Thomas.
Riley Gaines takes a jab at Lia Thomas.

Riley Gaines condemned Lia Thomas after the latter initiated legal proceedings against World Aquatics.

The organization banned transgender swimmers from competing in the women's category in 2022 after noticing the natural physical advantages possessed by transgender athletes.

Since then, Thomas was compelled to stay away from the competitions. Intending to represent the United States in the Olympics, Thomas filed a lawsuit against World Aquatics. During an interview with Fox News, Gaines slammed the transgender swimming, stating:

"World Aquatics went as far as to create a third category, which Thomas hasn't competed in this 3rd category. He only wants to compete if he can take titles, prize money, sponsorships, & scholarships away from women."

Thomas, a Penn State swimmer, went on to secure a gold medal in the women's 500-yard freestyle event at the 2022 NCAA Simming Championships after defeating Emma Weyant and Erica Sullivan, registering 4:33.24.

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