"It was set by a male" -  Riley Gaines reacts to new collegiate school record broken by transgender athlete in women's category

Riley Gaines criticizes transgender athlete after breaking a school record in women
Riley Gaines criticizes transgender athlete after breaking a school record in women's category.

Riley Gaines condemned a transgender sprinter for setting a new collegiate school record in the 300m women's category at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Sadie Schreiner, a transgender woman, set a new school record during the last meet before winter break at Nazareth University in Rochester, New York, on December 8.

The trans athlete topped the 300m event by clocking a time of 41.80 seconds. Female athletes Brynn Mooney and Victoria Brewster had to settle in second and third places, with 42.66 seconds and 43.14 seconds, respectively.

Gaines has been a fiery advocate against the notion of trans athletes competing in women's sports, right from calling out Lia Thomas to lauding the captain of the hockey team for standing up against a horrific incident that took place during a field hockey match in Massachusetts.

She recently slammed Sadie Schreiner, saying that instances like this are becoming a frequent occurrence.

"New collegiate school record in women's 300m at @RITtigers!!! Except it was set by a male. This happens a lot for something that never happens @RITTFXC," the former University of Kentucky swimmer wrote on X.

Sadie Schreiner, previously known as Camden, competed in the men's category in 2022, where the athlete was ranked 19th in the 100m event, after clocking a time of 11.72 seconds.

Caitlyn Jenner praises Riley Gaines for taking a stand against transgender athletes participating in women's sports

Caitlyn Jenner appreciates Riley Gaines
Caitlyn Jenner appreciates Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines started defending women's opportunities in sports after she was deprived of the trophy for fifth place in the 2022 NCAA Swimming Championships.

Gaines and Lia Thomas tied for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle swimming event with a time of 1:43.40. Although, both the swimmers clocked the same time, Thomas was the only swimmer presented with the trophy. As per Gaines' account, she was informed that the trophy would be sent to her in the mail and was supposedly told that she could pose on the podium with the sixth-placed trophy.

In a recent interview with John Cleese for the GNB News, Caitlyn Jenner praised Gaines for taking a stand relentlessly.

"She has been a big advocate of keeping trans women out of women's sports and I big support her. She's a good friend and has done wonderful work," said the former Olympic gold medalist.

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