"Sounds like a threat" - Riley Gaines reacts to migrant's interaction with reporter

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX
Riley Gaines at House Oversight Committee

Riley Gaines recently reacted to a social media video displaying a Middle Eastern illegal immigrant interacting with a reporter. It showed the man not revealing his identity. Sharing the video, Gaines highlighted the risks that “open borders” can have in destroying the country.

End Wokeness, an X (formerly known as Twitter) page, shared a video of a reporter asking a Middle Eastern immigrant where he was from.

In the video, the immigrant tells the reporter,

“If you are smart enough you would know who I am. But you are really not smart enough to know who I am.”

In the end, the immigrant said,

"Soon you will know who I am

Believe me, You will see."

Riley Gaines shared the video on her X (formerly known as Twitter) handle and expressed,

"This sounds like a threat."

She added,

"Open borders allow for terrorists to walk right into our country. And Joe Biden knows it."

Previously, Gaines shared her take on “terrorism” in the country.

In October, Gaines delivered her speech at the University of California, Davis, on Protecting Women’s Sports. Initially, her event was listed for promotion on Eventbrite. However, days before the event, the company prohibited the event’s promotion on its website for violating its 'hateful content' policy.

Gaines reacted to it, pointing out that the ticketing website was allowing the promotion of Israel-Hamas crisis rallies that will, according to a report by Outkick.com, 'spread the messaging from the terrorist group Hamas'.

She wrote on her X (formerly known as Twitter) handle,

"Hey @eventbrite you're exposing yourself for what you are. Anti-woman and evidently pro-terrorism. Not a good look. I'll still be speaking at UC Davis Nov 3rd. Our speech can't be stifled. Hope to see y'all there!"

Later on, Eventbrite turned off its comments. Gaines shared this activity on the website also and mentioned,

"As expected and in a total cowardly fashion, @eventbrite has turned off their comments. It's almost as if they don't want people to know they're anti-woman."

Riley Gaines on women suffering in Israel-Hamas crisis

Riley Gaines at House Oversight Committee
Riley Gaines at House Oversight Committee

In October, Riley Gaines announced the celebration of Real Women's Day on the 10th of the month.

She took the decision after she was disheartened to see reputed sports channels like ESPN celebrate Lia Thomas and other biologically male athletes' victory during Women’s History Month in March.

On the occasion of Real Women's Day, Gaines also remembered the women suffering in the Israel-Hamas attacks. She mentioned in her X (formerly known as Twitter) handle,

"I would be remiss if I didn't specifically say this day should be used to celebrate and honor the girls and women squarely in harms way because of the violence that has broken out in the Middle East and everything it has led to."

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