"Time to bring back shame" - Riley Gaines reacts to United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby's 'drag queen' video

Riley Gaines as an NCAA swimmer (Image via Getty)
Riley Gaines as an NCAA swimmer (Image via Getty)

Riley Gaines recently expressed outrage at a viral “drag queen” video that belonged to the CEO of United Airlines, Scott Kirby. The 23-year-old shared the video on her social media and remarked that people need to fly at “your own risk” after watching it.

Recently, the official X (formerly known as Twitter) page of Libs of TikTok shared a video of United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby dressed as a drag queen and performing with his mates at a gathering. Moreover, the page also stated that the 56-year-old was planning to incorporate drag at his airline company.

Although it was an old video, it gained millions of views in a short span. People criticized Kirby and also raised concerns about the values the airline held. Users also expressed doubts about taking its flights.

Riley Gaines also reacted to the controversy. She shared the video on her X (formerly known as Twitter) page and captioned it,

"excuse me WHAT ??? Fly @united at your own risk
It's time to bring back shame"

Besides the drag queen video, the TikTok page also shared another video of Scott’s interview with AXIOS from 2021. He expressed that the airline was looking at hiring 50% women or people of color, supporting DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

Riley Gaines slammed NCAA representatives during the annual convention

Riley Gaines at House Oversight Committee
Riley Gaines at House Oversight Committee

Riley Gaines was one of the protestors who were against the inclusion of transgender athletes in women's sports at the NCAA’s annual convention. She was joined by many NCAA swimmers, coaches, students, and their parents on January 11, ahead of the convention.

She presented a binder before Mike King and Crystal Reimer, the operations directors for the NCAA. It included 70,000 signatures by a group supporting the exclusion of trans athletes from women's sports.

She also told the directors that it included signatures of notable individuals such as Martina Navratilova and also presented a letter of demand. Moreover, in a video shared by the Independent Women's Forum, Riley Gaines was seen voicing her opinion to the directors. She told,

“We feel as if our voices are not being heard. That is our objective, that is why we are here, that is why we are chanting. We want to be let into the conversation.”

In another interview with The Republic, the former swimmer asserted her view, stating,

“I won't speak for everyone, but what I do know, and what this group entirely agrees on, is that women should not have to compromise. I don't think it should be up to us to create the solution, but being the ones who are impacted by this, we will say, enough is enough."

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