Women's titles mean nothing if men can steal them"- Riley Gaines reacts to Sadie Schreiner competing in NCAA track and field championships

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX
House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX

The former Kentucky swimming star Riley Gaines has called out Sadie Schreiner, a transgender track runner who is all set to participate in the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Nationals commencing tonight. This is not the first time that Gaines has commented on this front.

Sadie Rose Schreiner is a trans athlete who competes for the Rochester Institute of Technology. The runner already holds the 200m, 300m, and 400m program records in the indoor competitions and the 200m, 400m, 4x100 relay, and 4x400 relay program records in the outdoor events under her name. Furthermore, she has also won the 200m and 400m titles at the Liberty League Outdoor Championships.

However, her participation in the women's category has often garnered her scrutiny from fans and sports pundits alike. She's been called out publicly many times, and Riley Gaines has been one of the most vocal figures against her. Her recent participation also caught the attention of Gaines, and she was quick to react to it with a tweet saying:

"Sadie (Camden) Schreiner will compete for the women's NCAA title tonight in the 200m and 400m. Women's titles mean nothing if men can steal them. This is exactly why 15 other female athletes and I are suing the @NCAA"

The above tweet is not the first instance of Gaines condemning Schreiner's participation. The swimmer has called out Schreiner even after she broke the 200-meter regional collegiate meet record recently.

Instances of Riley Gaines questioning Sadie Schreiner's presence in the Women's division

During this year's Rochester Institute of Technology meet, Schreiner set the 200m and 300m records, which earned her qualification for the Atlantic Region Champion. Riley Gaines once again took notice of it and issued a sarcastic and fiery tweet against her.

"Male runner, Sadie (Camden) Schreiner, is your new regional collegiate meet record holder in the women's 200 meter dash. So brave of him to continue breaking records by stomping on women done with a smile on his face."

Furthermore, Gaines also took a dig at the trans runner when she was declared the Liberty League Women's Track and Field Performer of the Week at the college championship.

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