"So brave of him to continue breaking records by stomping on women" - Riley Gaines reacts to transgender athlete Sadie Schreiner's collegiate record

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Riley Gaines has once again called out transgender athlete Sadie Schreiner.

Riley Gaines recently made a sarcastic comment about transgender athlete Sadie Schreiner, who has emerged as the new regional collegiate meet record holder in the women's 200m dash.

Sadie Schreiner, also called Camden, is a biological male. She set school records during the Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) meet in the 200 and 300-meter dash. Schreiner also qualified for the Atlantic Region Championship.

Former competitive swimmer Gaines, a vocal critic of transgender athletes competing in women's sports, slammed Schreiner on X (formerly Twitter). She said:

"Male runner, Sadie (Camden) Schreiner, is your new regional collegiate meet record holder in the women's 200 meter dash.

Gaines added:

"So brave of him to continue breaking records by stomping on women done with a smile on his face."

Gaines, who is also the ambassador of the Independent Women's Forum, had earlier said women's records mean nothing if they're set by men.

Riley Gaines wants readers to embrace common sense in discussions about women's rights

The former NCAA swimmer is set to release her new book, "Swimming Against the Current: Fighting for Common Sense in a World That's Lost Its Mind." According to a press release, Gaines shares her unbelievable story and inspires readers to embrace common sense and truth in discussions about women's rights.

It stated that:

"In telling her story, she also reveals what's at stake if the truth-seekers remain silent about the injustices women face from radical agendas."

Gaines highlighted her new book on social media. She said:

"The message is pro-common sense, pro-reality, pro-truth, pro-woman. My new book "Swimming Against the Current" comes out May 2024."

The Hachette Book Group lauds the former swimmer, saying Gaines is changing minds in the process:

"This highly anticipated, fearless, pro-woman book takes on controversial but critical questions we must confront about women (and sports) in America."

It said she scrutinized the perspective of the athletes on the opposing side of this debate, deconstructing their arguments with science, facts, and logic.

Gaines, 23, has time and again called out transgenders competing in women's sports and recently questioned why we have a women's category if anyone can compete in it. Gaines believes women's opportunities are only for women.

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