"Biggest scammer"— Christine slams Kaz in Perfect Match season 2 finale preview

Perfect Match season 2 stars Kaz and Micah
Perfect Match season 2 stars Kaz and Micah (Image via Instagram/@micah.lussier)

Perfect Match season 2 is set to air its season finale on Friday, June 21, 2024, on Netflix. The upcoming segment will reveal who will win and the streaming platform teased a clash between one couple ahead of the finale.

In a clip uploaded to Netflix US's official Instagram handle, several female cast members and Kaz Bishop were at odds, including his latest match, Christine Obanor. The Too Hot To Handle alum slammed Bishop for not being genuine.

"I mean, I think you're the biggest scammer sitting here today. You try to convince yourself that you're this genuine person, the moment I go on a date, because you feel threatened by Nigel. That's when you want to go and apologize to her, because, you know she's feeling you, and she'll take you back."

The Perfect Match season 2 female cast member further stated that she was disgusted by Kaz and stated that if anyone would be a match for Kaz, "it would be the devil himself."

Perfect Match season 2 episode 10 — Micah says she's going to stand by Kaz

In a preview clip of Perfect Match season 2 episode 10, the finale set to air on Friday, Holly Scarfone told Kaz Bishop that she believed he was "really lucky." She told him he had a "genuine, beautiful" girl who loved him. The Too Hot To Handle season 3 alum added:

"I just feel like Kaz has used other women to weaponize his relationship."

The Dated and Related alum defended himself and said the cast came to Perfect Match to do the same thing. He added they all came in experiencing what they had to "experience."

He added all the men spoke to all the women and then went with who they thought was the perfect person for them.

Brittan Byrd chimed in and said that although she didn't think Kaz should be demonized for talking to other people, he had been "messy."

"The messy part is just like, I feel like you really, really, really, like, did not know what you want."

The Perfect Match season 2 star added that his behavior confused her, Holly, and Micah. Christine Obanor interjected and called him the "biggest scammer" on the show. Holly Scarfone clapped and agreed with her fellow Too Hot To Handle alum.

Christine explained that Kaz only apologized to Micah when he felt threatened that Christine went on a date with Nigel and said he incorrectly believed himself to be a genuine person.

Kaz tried to get the group's attention and said that everyone made connections with people who they bonded with but he was the only one getting called out for his behavior.

"I'm the only one who gets called like a, nasty person and disgusting and wants to date the devil. Like, that don't make no sense," he added.

Perfect Match season 2 star Micah interjected and defended Kaz. She said both Kaz and Christine were "validated" in how they felt. She added she considered these things before she decided to get back with Kaz.

"And I decided to give it another chance. But ultimately, just like when you go back to an ex, if you keep bringing up all the stuff that happened afterwards, you're never going to be able to move forward. And like, I'm going to stand beside him," Micah explained.

For the unversed, Micah and Kaz matched up in the Netflix show after they switched their partners with Xanthi and Stevan. Initially, they were one of the strongest couples on Perfect Match season 2 but as the show progressed, cracks in their relationship started to form as new cast members continued to enter the show.

They ultimately matched up with other people in episode 9.

In the latest episode, Kaz kissed Holly during a game of Flip the Cup and he and Micah got into an argument. The male cast member matched with Christine while Micah approached Izzy to pair up. Tune in on Friday, June 21, 2024, to see what happened that brought the couple back together during the season finale of Perfect Match.

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