“I became more distant”- Khanya opens up about trial marriage with Isaac in The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion special

A still from profile of Khanya! (Image via @khanya_nq)
Khanya from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Image via Instagram/@khanya_nq)

Netflix dropped the initial nine episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa on Friday, May 10, 2024. However, on Friday, May 24, 2024, the reunion special was finally released, which elaborated on the couple's relationship status after the show.

In the reunion special, Khanya opened up about the trial marriage she had with Isaac and how that drew a rift between her and Nkateko and led her to feel distant.

The official summary of the special episode read:

"After the experiment, the participants reflect on their lives, relationships, heartbreak, and healing in an emotional reunion."

This reunion was highly anticipated since it was the day the fate of the three engaged couples would be revealed —Thabi and Genesis, Lindile and Sizakele, and Courtney and Aidan.

Additionally, viewers would also get a scoop into the lives of the couples who didn't get engaged, ie, Khanya and Nkateko, Ruth and Isaac, and Nolla and Lebo.

Khanya on her trial marriage with Isaac

Khanya has been a controversial figure in The Ultimatum: South Africa right from the very beginning. She entered the show with her long-time boyfriend Nkateko and gave him the Ultimatum of marriage. She later entered into a trial marriage with Isaac, as a part of the experiment.

During the episode when asked about how she felt her trial marriage impacted her relationship with Nkateko, she said:

"I became more distant."

However, the couple also revealed that they were now the parents of a three-month-old son and were working on their relationship before committing to marriage by going to a therapist.

After this Nkateko, gave her a promise ring which she did not accept since she was in the hopes for an engagement ring, she walked out of the relationship at this point.

What happened to the other couples in The Ultimatum: South Africa?

Courtney and Aidan were one couple that made it out of the show with their love stronger than ever. They met each other's parents and got all roadblocks like Aidan's employment out of the way. Now continuing to build a life together.

Sizakele started by thanking Thabi for making positive changes in her to-be husband. She also pointed out that before coming to the show she was not sure if marriage was in the cards for her.

She did not feel ready for that kind of a commitment but after being on the show, she is ready to tie the knot with Lindile, before the end of this year.

Thabi and Genesis were one of the couples that got engaged in the final episode of The Ultimatum: South Africa. However, the ring was not spotted on Thabi's finger simply because traditionally, a woman does not wear a ring till the man asks her family for permission.

Lebo and Nolla made a shocking return to the show for the last episode after leaving the show mid way earlier. The couple, however, broke up in the reunion episode after they realized they were not happy together.

The Ultimatum: South Africa's reunion episode brought closure to an intense season, revealing the outcomes of the couples' journeys. Khanya and Nkateko decided to work on their relationship but ultimately separated, while Courtney and Aidan emerged stronger, ready to build a future together.

The reunion episode of The Ultimatum: South Africa encapsulated the transformative experiences of each couple, leaving fans eager for what comes next in their lives.

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