“Make it make sense” — The Ultimatum: South Africa fans react to Khanya and Nkateko’s relationship during reunion special

The Ultimatum: South Africa couple Nkateko and Khanya
The Ultimatum: South Africa couple Nkateko and Khanya (Image via Instagram/@nnkaymahange/khanya_nq)

The Ultimatum: South Africa wrapped up the Netflix social experiment on Friday, May 24, 2024. During the segment, host Salamina asked the cast about the events of the season and inquired about life after the show.

In addition to confirming that they were still together, Khanya and Nkateko revealed during the episode that they had welcomed a baby into their lives three months ago. Fans of the show took to social media to react to the situation and criticize the couple's relationship.

"So Nkateko was willing to have a baby with Khanya but not marry her. Make it make sense please #TheUltimatumSA," one person wrote.
"People came for me when I said men LOVE toxic women (as long as she's beautiful). Nkateko not only stayed with Khanya but ended up having a baby with her!! #TheUltimatumSA," another person wrote.
"Nkateko needs to blind twice honestly...this man was abused in front of us and we're expected to believe she doesn't act like behind closed doors? A baby is not going to fix that broken woman. This was an 'oopsie' or a 'band-aid' baby. #TheUltimatumSA," a fan wrote.

The Ultimatum: South Africa fans further criticized Nkateko for being with Khanya after watching their relationship during the show:

"Nkateko is a joke and so pathetic and he deserves that monster Khanya as a baby mama and partner #TheUltimatumSA," one person wrote.
"Eyy when Khanya and Nkateko announced that they had a baby... Alot of people weren't Happy. Aiden and Courtney were really shocked and yahhh... The awkward stares between everyone. Also Khanya wasn't held accountable for her actions during this reunion," another person wrote.
"#TheUltimatumSA Nkateko is a pure example of men who choose toxic woman, have a baby and then call her crazy when shIt goes left...... Khanya is a mean miserable girl case closed...that man is now stuck there because of a son?" a fan wrote.

The Ultimatum: South Africa fans further said:

"All I can say is Ntateko is embarrassed by the fact that he has a baby with Khanya, he was trying so hard not to tell people that he has a baby with HER!! Anyway f*ck them both #TheUltimatumSA," a fan wrote.
"So Nkateko wasn’t ready for marriage but had a whole baby with Khanya ?? #TheUltimatumSA," another person wrote.

Khanya and Nkateko open up about their relationship during The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion special

During The Ultimatum: South Africa's reunion special, Salamina asked Nkateko about the promise ring he gave Khanya and what their relationship had been like since the show ended.

The cast member explained that while he wanted to be with Khanya, he knew they still had issues that they needed to work through. The host called the female cast member the most "outspoken" person on The Ultimatum: South Africa and replayed clips of her time on the show.

When the clips ended, Khanya said that she went overboard with some of the things she said and did. Nkateko added that he felt like he was also responsible for how his girlfriend acted while on The Ultimatum: South Africa. He added that he had never seen Khanya act like she did on the Netflix show and said that seeing him and Siza must have tested her limits.

He added that the two had a "heart-to-heart" conversation about their relationship and said that he knew she had been there for him throughout. Nkateko said that his mother also believed that the two were toxic to one another. The Ultimatum: South Africa couple then revealed that they were still together and even had a child together.

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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