The Ultimatum: South Africa - The aftermath of Khanya and Siza’s fight explored

The Ultimatum: South Africa star Nkateko
The Ultimatum: South Africa star Nkateko (Image via Instagram/@nnkaymahange)

Netflix is presently streaming The Ultimatum: South Africa, with the reunion episode scheduled for May 24, 2024. Six couples were featured on the show, each taking part in a social experiment that would either make or break their relationship.

As per the synopsis,

"A six-way partner-swap sparks wild attractions and tearful betrayals; participants choose whom to love and leave in this heart-pounding experiment."

One of the couples who were swapped on the show was Siza and Nkateko, who came on the show with Lindile and Khanya, respectively. While their relationship seemed to be going well, Khanya didn't handle her former partner's closeness with his new partner well. In one of the episodes, while the cast was discussing their new relationships, Khanya took several digs at Siza, including calling her "easy."

When Siza opened up about her interaction with Khanya to Nkateko, he decided they should talk to her. However, when they approached Khanya's villa, he left the two to talk, and the former yelled at Siza, asking her repeatedly to leave.

Siza broke down in tears and told Nkateko that he had left her alone and wasn't there for her.

Siza yells at Nkateko in The Ultimatum: South Africa episode 6

In episode 6 of The Ultimatum: South Africa, Siza returned to her and Nkateko's apartment after Khanya repeatedly yelled at her. The female cast member told Nkateko that she couldn't talk to Khanya and that he shouldn't have dragged her there. In a confessional, Nkateko explained that if he had been there, it would have become about him.

"I feel like you know how she is, and instead of you standing up to her, you want me to do your job on your behalf, and I hate that," Siza told Nkateko.

Siza asked The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member why he left her alone, and Nkateko explained that Siza had questions she needed to find answers to for herself. While trying to further explain himself, he accidentally called her Khanya, which angered Siza more, and she left the room.

Nketako added that he was trying to make her understand that "lady," referring to Khanya, and Siza told the cameras that she felt kind of "used." He further told Siza that whether she could handle it or not, she needed to "speak" her "mind" and "tell her (Khanya) straight up this is what it is."

Siza told him that Khanya spat in her face. She added that she didn't think he understood and that Khanya "stood and banged the table like a crazy person." She asked him how she was supposed to deal with Khanya when he couldn't.

"I told you I can't have a conversation with her because she's mean. She is so mean," Siza said.

The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member consoled Siza while she cried but the latter walked away. Siza told the cameras that all she wanted to do was "just cry."

"Why did you leave? I called for you and you were not there, I said, "Kay" and you were not there," she told Nkateko.

The cast member asked Nkateko that she needed a minute by herself, and Nkateko went to have a conversation with Khanya. He told the cameras he had a few words for her since she liked to "carry herself like a lady." He added that when he was told how she acted, he felt it was "very unnecessary and very immature."

The Ultimatum: South Africa's original couple also got into a screaming match as Khanya insisted that he speak to her from the porch since he was on her property. Nkateko told Khanya that she didn't need to act like that and that it was "all unnecessary."

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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