“It was not easy for me”— The Ultimatum: South Africa’s Khanya issues statement on Instagram

The Ultimatum: South Africa
The Ultimatum: South Africa's Khanya (Image via Instagram/@khanya_nq)

The Ultimatum: South Africa star Khanya Nqolase recently took to social media to address her appearance on the Netflix show. The reality star entered the show with her boyfriend, Nkateko, after giving him an ultimatum to either marry her or move on.

As per the format of the show, both of them were paired up with other people—Khanya with Isaac and Nkateko with Siza—and had to spend three weeks as part of a trial marriage. In one of the episodes, the cast member got into a screaming match with Siza, following which fans criticized her online.

Khanya took to social media to talk about her portrayal on the show and said that it was an "intense experience."

In an Instagram post, she wrote:

"I understand if some of you may feel like I was out of line with some of my words and actions. It was an intense experience for me and I handled it the best way I could. Just like how it was not easy for other cast members watching their partners with other people, it was not easy for me too."

The Ultimatum: South Africa star noted that she had already apologized to those she had wronged and wanted to thank everyone for being "so invested" in the show and for "sharing their thoughts on the reality show."

She continued:

"I acknowledge I'm a strong personality and say things that only others dare to think. Making TV aside, we are dealing with real people and real emotions here. It's in the past and a lot has happened since then including healing and transformation."

The Ultimatum: South Africa's Khanya and Siza got into a screaming match

In The Ultimatum: South Africa during girls' night, Khanya asked Siza various questions about her and Nnateka's relationship. The latter revealed that she met Nnateka's mother online, but Khanya claimed that since it was a video call, it didn't call.

While discussing who had all gone "all the way," Khanya asked The Ultimatum: South Africa star whether Siza and Nkateko had been physically intimate, and she replied, "Not yet." Khanya revealed that she and Nnateka had not been physically intimate since "last year September." Siza asked why, but the cast member told her not to interrupt.

She further told him that since she and Nkateko hadn't been intimate for so long, he may have been using Siza for s*x since he may be "horny" and she might be "easy." Khanya said that she wanted to let the latter know that this might be the case.

In episode 6, Siza said in a confessional that she was disturbed by what Khanya did during the gathering. She added that she wanted to speak to Nkateko about it. She told him:

"You ex is saying that you are using me to get to her. And also, she said I'm easy."

Siza asked The Ultimatum: South Africa star whether Khanya was always like that and wanted to blame her behavior on alcohol.

In a confessional, Nkateko said that he could feel Siza trying to pick his brain and figure Khanya out. In her confessional, the female cast member wondered how someone like "Nkateko is with a person like that."

Nkateko asked Siza why she didn't say anything and insisted that the two go talk to Khanya. When they approached the Netflix star, she asked whether she invited them, and they said they invited themselves.

The male cast member quickly left and Khanya asked Siza if she said the latter could sit with her. She told her that she could kick her out if she wanted. Khanya didn't want to listen to anything and continued yelling at her.

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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