How many episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are left? Full schedule explored

The Ultimatum: South Africa
The Ultimatum: South Africa (Image via Instagram/ @netflixsa)

Netflix dropped nine episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa on Friday, May 10, 2024, at 3 am ET. Fans are now excited and eagerly waiting for the one remaining reunion episode to drop. The Ultimatum: South Africa Reunion is scheduled to be released on May 24, 2024. It will be the tenth episode of the reality show.

The Ultimatum: South Africa features six couples who have been together for some time now. One partner from each of these couples is ready for the commitment, whereas the other one is not ready to move forward. They have different issues - jealousy, trust, commitment, and more. Hence, the show is going to work as a social experiment for them.

To help them make up their mind, the couples will be introduced to other potential partners on the show. They can date other people and try to understand the complexities of their personalities as well as relationships with their partners. By the end of the show, couples will either get back together with their OG partner or move on with a new partner.

The Ultimatum: South Africa: The list of episodes

The first season of The Ultimatum: South Africa contains a total of 10 episodes. 9 of these episodes can be streamed on Netflix. The last episode, titled The Reunion, is scheduled to release by the end of the month on May 24, 2024. Fans who have already binge-watched the reality show will have to wait until then.

Here is the list of The Ultimatum: South Africa's episodes:

  • Episode 1: The Split
  • Episode 2: The Choice
  • Episode 3: New Bed, New Partner
  • Episode 4: Jealousy and Suspicion
  • Episode 5: Revelations and Reveals
  • Episode 6: Broken Bonds and Boundaries
  • Episode 7: Back to Reality
  • Episode 8: The Last Dance
  • Episode 9: Ultimate Date - To Propose or Not to Propose
  • Episode 10: The Reunion

The Ultimatum: South Africa: Cast, host, and more details

Six couples have been selected to participate in this social experiment. The couples are:

  • Thabi and Genesis - together for 7 years
  • Courtney and Aiden - together for 7 years
  • Ruth and Issac - together for 2 years
  • Lebo and Nolla - together for 1.5 years
  • Khanya and Nkateko - together for 1 year
  • Sizakale and Lindile - together for 6 months

Each of these couples has one partner who is ready for the big commitment, while the other one is struggling with it. According to the show’s format, they will try and date other people from the show, to figure out if they love their original partner.

The participants will even pretend to get married to see if it works and then they can choose if they want to stay together or move on.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

“A six-way partner-swap sparks wild attractions and tearful betrayals. Participants choose whom to love and leave in this heart-pounding experiment.“

Tshepo Howza Moses and Salamina Mosese will host the show and help couples navigate their complicated relationships.

The official trailer shows various aspects of how the participants will be going through such a drastic change in their lives. Howza describes it in the trailer as follows:

“Will this experiment unite them forever or tear them apart? When the ultimatum comes to term, they'll either choose to marry the person they arrive here with, move on alone, or with someone new.”

In the ninth episode, “Ultimate Date - To Propose or Not to Propose,” the contestants will reveal their choice, showing viewers who picked whom and which participants return to their original partners.

Fans can now stream 9 episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa on Netflix. The final Reunion episode is scheduled to be released on May 24, 2024.

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