The Ultimatum: South Africa - Which couples got engaged?

The Ultimatum (Image via Tudum by Netflix)
The Ultimatum (Image via Tudum by Netflix)

The Ultimatum: South Africa, the spinoff series of the hit reality TV franchise, The Ultimatum, introduced viewers to six couples who have given their partners an ultimatum for marriage. These six couples on the show include Thabi and Genesis, Khanya and Nkateko, Ruth and Isaac, Lebo and Nolla, Courtney and Aiden, and Sizakele and Lindile.

The Ultimatum: South Africa premiered exclusively on Netflix on May 10, 2024. The show synopsis reads as follows:

"A six-way partner-swap sparks wild attractions and tearful betrayals. Participants choose whom to love and leave in this heart-pounding experiment."

As the show progresses, each couple and their bond is tested by switching them with other contestants. The finale reveals whether the original couples wish to stay with each other or part ways.

Engaged couples on The Ultimatum: South Africa

In episode 3, titled New Bed, New Partner the show host explained how the couple switch will help each contestant realize whether they have been with the right partner or someone new has piqued their interest as a romantic prospect:

"We have now six new couples. The next three weeks will be an accelerated experience that is designed to show them exactly what marriage is like. And then after three weeks, they will go back to their original partner and go through the exact same experience."

The couples who made it to the end after the switch-up include:

1) Sizakele and Lindile

Sizakele and Lindile (Image via Instagram/ Netflix Nigeria)
Sizakele and Lindile (Image via Instagram/ Netflix Nigeria)

Sizakele and Lindile entered The Ultimatum: South Africa as a newbie couple. The two had been together for six months until Lindile gave Sizakele an ultimatum to marry. He confessed his love for Sizakele and proposed to her on Ultimatum Day.

He shared that Siza is his best friend, adding that he wishes to spend the rest of his life with her. To the viewers' surprise, Siza said yes to the proposal.

"The reason why I choose you is because I can grow with you. The reason why I choose you is because you're my best friend. I can be myself. I can laugh. And do all the weird stuff around you. And lastly, the reason I choose you is because I love you," Lindile said.

2) Courtney and Aiden

Courtney and Aiden (Image via Instagram/ Netflix Nigeria)
Courtney and Aiden (Image via Instagram/ Netflix Nigeria)

After being with each other for seven years, Courtney gave Aiden an ultimatum. Throughout the series, viewers see Aiden talk about where his fear of marriage stems from.

While proposing, he admitted that Courtney was his best friend and the most important person to him:

"One of the most important things to me that I've realized, I've become a better person every day when I'm with you. You allow me the space to grow and you grow with me at the same time. And I think that's really special."

Courtney said yes to the proposal as well, but she shared that Aiden's indecisiveness might affect their relationship in the future. However she is ready to work on it with him.

3) Thabi and Genesis

Thabi and Genesis (Image via Instagram/ Netflix Nigeria)
Thabi and Genesis (Image via Instagram/ Netflix Nigeria)

The final couple to get engaged on The Ultimatum: South Africa was Thabi and Genesis. They had also been together for seven years until Genesis received an ultimatum. Their relationship was put to the test multiple times on The Ultimatum: South Africa. However, the two eventually reached an agreement.

For proposing to Thabi, Genesis wrote a love letter, explaining that he was feeling nervous about whether Thabi would say yes or no:

"I'm feeling overwhelmed, nervous, scared. Alot of emotions at the same time. I honestly feel like I went through a lot," he said.

All episodes are available on Netflix.

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