"Would’ve been perfect"— The Ultimatum: South Africa fans wanted Nkateko and Siza to work out

The Ultimatum: South Africa star Nkateko
The Ultimatum: South Africa star Nkateko (Image via Instagram/@nnkaymahange)

The Ultimatum: South Africa is currently streaming on Netflix. The social experiment centers on six couples who have been at crossroads in their relationship. While one of the partners is ready to get married, the other isn't, so an ultimatum was issued to either marry or move on.

These couples swapped partners in the show and spent a period of three weeks in a trial marriage. One of the couples that were paired together was Siza and Nkateko, whose original partners were Lindile and Khanya, respectively.

Fans saw Siza and Nkateko's relationship flourish as the two opened up about their past and childhood while getting to know one another. Although the two didn't end up together, as Siza got engaged to Lindile, fans wanted them to work out together and took to social media to voice their opinions.

"Oh Nkateko and Siza would've been perfect. He annoyed me by leaving her with that psycho but damn they were cute..#TheUltimatumSA," one person wrote.
"I shed a tear when Siza explained why she chose Nkateko. He understands her laughs! As someone who laughs a lot nad had cousins who used to tell me that nobody will ever take me seriously because I'm always laughing, THAT MOVED ME TO TEARS. Smart people get us. #TheUltimatumSA," another person wrote.
"It's the way Nkateko is gazing at Siza in this scene while they talk to his mom. Man was a goner! They need to stop playing and get together. #TheUltimatum #TheUltimatumSouthAfrica #TheUltimatumSA," a fan wrote.

The Ultimatum: South Africa fans also chimed in on Siza and Khanya's argument and criticized Nkateko for leaving Siza alone:

"Nkateko leaving Siza to fight Khanya was awful! He really hyped her up, dragged her there, only to turn around & yeet out of there. Then, I went back after failing Siza but still couldn't even utter a word to Khanya's face. That man is terrified! Sad #TheUltimatumSA #TheUltimatum," a person wrote.
"Okay I was upset at Nkateko but I think I understand what he was doing, he was trying to teach Siza to stand up for herself and speak her mind and not just laugh when people are mean to her. #theultimatum #TheUltimatumSouthAfrica," another person wrote.
"Wow. The way Khanya shouted, insulted and bullied Siza out of their villa was so disgusting. I just wanted to wanted to give Siza a hug. Poor girl. She really is a soft babe and didn’t deserve that. #TheUltimatum #TheUltimatumSA," a fan wrote.

The Ultimatum: South Africa fans further said:

"Siza is such a sweetheart. She deserves the absolute best things in life. She's stunning, gentle, articulate, courageous, emotionally intelligent, fashionable, s*xy yet sweet, graceful, forgiving, loving & lovable! An actual queen. We see you, Siza! #TheUltimatumSA #TheUltimatum," one person wrote.
"I really like Siza, such a softie. I relate so much to how she can shed tears at any slightest inconvenience. That's me fr. #TheUltimatum," another person wrote.

The Ultimatum: South Africa: Siza talks to Nkateko's mother

In The Ultimatum: South Africa episode 5, Nkateko video called his mother and explained the format of the Netflix social experiment. He told her that he wanted her to meet Siza, the woman he was spending three weeks getting to know.

The male cast member's mother said she had heard about the experiment and offered words of wisdom.

"When you want to build a relationship, don't look at material things, because love is not what you have, but what he is."

She spoke about Nkateko and Khanya's relationship and said the latter couldn't control her emotions. The mother of the cast member also added that The Ultimatum: South Africa star was "really traumatized" and that he needed to heal.

In a confessional, Siza admitted that what Nkateko's mother said "really shocked" her. She also told Nkateko's mother that, according to the format, her son would return to Khanya to see if she had changed, to which the mother responded, "Khanya will never change."

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa is available to stream on Netflix.

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