"She's extremely jealous"- Fans slam The Ultimatum: South Africa star Khanya after she fat-shamed Siza

Siz and Khanya from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Image via Instagram/@netflixsa)
Siz and Khanya from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Image via Instagram/@netflixsa)

Khanya's behavior in The Ultimatum: South Africa wasn't liked by many from the start of the show, but things really hit the roof when she fat-shamed Siza, who has been paired with the former's boyfriend, Nketeko. Fans of the show have taken to X to show their disapproval of Khanya's behavior and the way she treated Siza on episode 6 of the show.

The fat-shaming comment came from Khanya when Siza went to the former's house to talk about Siza's relationship with Nketeko on The Ultimatum: South Africa. When Siza sat across her on a chair in her patio, Khanya started yelling, asking her to leave. When Siza asked her to calm down, she said:

"I'll calm down after you get your fat a*se off my patio".

Fans were disappointed and angered by Khanya's words, which was apparent in the way they reacted on X. One comment said:

"The Ultimatum South Africa: Khanya is horrible!!!!!! Shes extremely jealous, rude and a body shamer. Khanya go learn how to put on a lace wig and leave Siza the hell alone".

Fans of the show staunchly disapproved of Khanya's comments:

One comment said, "this khanya girl might be one of the most dark spirited people i’ve ever seen on tv".
"Are we going to talk about the fact that Khanya’s anger is largely rooted in her disbelief that her man was so happily coupled up with a woman she deemed beneath her (cos she’s fat n doesn’t have a twang)? Her insults are so telling of what she thinks of Siza," said the other.
"The blatant fatphobia coming from Khanya is absolutely disgusting. WDYM “fat hood rat” “boom boom”??? when the girl done absolutely nothing to you except chose your ex which btw is part of the experience that YOU brought him too???!," said another comment.
"Khanya’s personality is being the hottest girl in the room. That’s why she fat shames and calls other girls ugly. She thinks her being beautiful is enough and that it gives her a pass to be mean. Disgusting woman," read another tweet.

Some fans also thought that she was being disrespectful to the whole of South Africa, one comment said:

"Khanya fat shaming that beautiful girl while living in a country where most women look like that, curvaceous- is actually so tone deaf. SA women get her for us who are far from there. Such a classless and pathetic woman!"
"Wow. The way Khanya shouted, insulted and bullied Siza out of their villa was so disgusting. I just wanted to wanted to give Siza a hug. Poor girl. She really is a soft babe and didn’t deserve that." said a Tweet.

What led to Khanya fat-shaming Siza on The Ultimatum: South Africa?

Episode 6 of The Ultimatum: South Africa saw a continuation of the beef between Khanya and Siza, which started in episode 5 when the ladies had gotten together to share updates on their relationships with their trial partners.

Siza said her relationship with Khanya's boyfriend Neketko was going well, which wasn't received well by Khanya. She called Siza out for laughing at weird situations and said that Neketko wasn't serious about her but was using her s*x.

When Siza met Neketko in episode 6 of The Ultimatum: South Africa, she told him what Khanya was saying. Neketko asked her to go with him to Khanya's villa so that they could confront her about it.

When they reached her villa, Neketko left, leaving Siza to deal with Khanya alone. However, Khanya fat-shamed Siza and asked her to leave, leaving netizens livid.

The reunion episode of The Ultimatum: South Africa will be released on May 24, on Netflix.

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