The Ultimatum: South Africa - Nkateko asks Khanya to "stop being a bully" after the changeover

The Ultimatum: South Africa star Khanya
The Ultimatum: South Africa star Khanya (Image via Instagram/@khanya_nq)

The Ultimatum: South Africa started with six couples as they swapped partners for three weeks as they took part in a trial marriage. The couples were then reunited to spend the next three weeks being married to one another before they could decide whether they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

As part of the show's format, one partner from each couple issued their partner an ultimatum to either marry or move on, and one such couple was Khanya and Nketako. The former issued an ultimatum to her partner, and after spending three weeks with Isaac and Siza, respectively, the two were reunited.

Their reunion, however, didn't start on the best note as they exchanged words during the changeover itself, and things got out of hand when they returned to their now-shared apartment.

Khanya didn't want to share a bed with Nkateko and repeatedly told him to leave, however, when the cast member didn't listen, she started throwing wine at him and pulling the pillows from under his head.

"Khanya, stop being a bully, man," Nkateko said.

Khanya and Nkateko get into a screaming match in The Ultimatum: South Africa episode 7

In episode 7 of the social experiment, the couples were seen back together with their original partners. While some of them were excited to be reunited, others were having a hard time adjusting.

As Khanya and Nkateko returned from the changeover, the latter gave her original partner the silent treatment. While in a confessional, Khanya explained that she preferred not to talk when she was "that upset" and said that her partner had no remorse and she wanted him to stay out of her way.

"It hit me that, okay, this person is back now, and you guys need to play house for, like, another three weeks," she added.

Khanya didn't like that Nkateko was on her bed and asked him to get off while she poured herself a glass of wine. She told him to "get off" the bed and "sleep on the couch, or the floor," or wherever he previously was. The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member said that they were not going to sleep on the same bed.

In a confessional, she added:

"The same body that he was rolling around in Sizakele's bed, he's now bringing it to my bed."

Referring to the bottle of wine, Khanya asked Nkateko if he had brought it for Siza. She threw the bottle at him and asked him to take his wine and get off her bed. Khanya repeatedly told the cast member to get off the bed, and in a confessional, she noted that while she wasn't an angry person, she couldn't "tolerate certain things."

The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member started pulling pillows from under Nketako's head while yelling at him to get off the bed. The latter asked her to stop hitting him and to "relax."

"I wasn't disappointed. Khanya literally did do what I was expecting," Nkateko told the cameras.

He pointed out to Khanya that, despite her behavior, she thought she was "marriage material." The Ultimatum: South Africa female cast member asked who she was marriage material for and said she wasn't "marriage material for boys."

Nkateko said that any other man would have seen through Khanya's "bullsh*t." In a confessional, he explained that Khanya was the type of woman that he knew he didn't want to marry. He added that he always thought about having children with Khanya but noted that because he wanted to have kids, he didn't want to marry her.

The Ultimatum: South Africa star called his partner "disgusting," while Khanya called him "repulsive." He added that she needed to check herself, and the latter told him that he made her "sick."

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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