"New MVP"— Summer House season 8 fans praise Gabby Prescod for supporting Lindsay Hubbard

Summer House season 8 star Gabby Prescod
Summer House season 8 star Gabby Prescod (Image via Instagram/@gabbyprescod)

Summer House season 8 aired its season finale on Thursday, May 30, 2024. The episode saw Carl Radke break up with Lindsay Hubbard, and the female cast members rallied around the latter for support.

As the female cast members awaited Lindsay's arrival, they talked about the breakup and how Carl handled it. While Amanda felt that both were at fault, Paige believed that the now-ex-couple should never have gotten engaged. Meanwhile, Gabby rode hard for Lindsay and wasn't happy with Carl at all.

Fans of the Bravo show took to social media to praise Gabby for sticking up for her friends and Summer House season 8 co-star Lindsay Hubbard.

"Gabby is my new MVP. The way she is riding for Lindsay is real friendship. #SummerHouse," one person wrote.
"If Amanda and Kyle divorce and the girls get together, I hope Gabby says to Amanda what Amanda said: “They both say really f*cked up sh*t. I don’t think we can point fingers to be like you’re the bad guy. Because we all witnessed everything that went down all summer.”#SummerHouse," another person wrote.
"Gabby being a ride or die for Lindsey. Amanda being rational. Paige being a know it all. Danielle being diplomatic. Ciara don’t give a dam #summerhouse," a fan wrote.

Summer House season 8 fans further appreciated Gabby for standing up to Amanda:

"Amanda is going in too damn hard defending Carl & acting like she knew everything, when in fact she’s going by what her husband has been saying…Good for Gabby standing 10 toes down for Lyndsay & seeing Carl for the a$$hole he is..#summerhouse," a person wrote on X.
"Today I learned that I may be in love with Gabby. I also learned that Amanda makes me irrationally angry even more than before. Kyle and Amanda are the LAST people anyone should be listening to when it comes to marriage. #Summerhouse," another person wrote.
"Amanda is always wrong just like her situation ain’t great either. I get that she has a probably stronger relationship with Carl but I think she could agree it was wrong how it ended. She was doing a bit much with Gabby in the back and forth #SummerHouse," a fan wrote.

A Summer House season 8 fan compared Gabby Prescod to Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules:

"Um, when your friend's life has been shattered: Be a Katie...not a Lala. Be a Gabby..not an Amanda #pumprules #Summerhouse."
"Thankful for Gabby in this moment. Amanda is too close to Kyle to give a fair objective on this. #SummerHouse," another person wrote.

Gabby slams Carl Radke in Summer House season 8 finale

In the season finale of Summer House season 8, the female cast gathered after learning that Carl Radke had broken up with Lindsay Hubbard. Although several of them were not surprised by the breakup, Gabby felt they should consider how the Bravo celebrity called off his engagement.

Paige DeSorbo narrated a text message exchange she had with Carl, and she noted that the male cast member said he didn't have "malicious" intentions and didn't involve production to specifically film the breakup. Gabby rolled her eyes when Amanda and Paige said it wasn't just Carl's fault.

"He knew what he was doing," Gabby said.

Amanda defended Carl and said that she knew both sides of the story, and the entire Summer House cast saw the events leading up to the breakup. While Gabby agreed with Amanda to an extent, she noted her problem was Carl blindsiding Lindsay.

When Amanda insisted they forget about "how it happened," Gabby noted that they didn't know why exactly the couple broke up. Fans of the show took to X (formerly known as Twitter) after the episode aired and chimed in on the situation. While some praised Paige and called her the "voice of reason," others praised Gabby for being Lindsay's "ride or die."

Summer House season 8 will air part one of the reunion special next week on Bravo.

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