Perfect Match the game trailer breakdown: 3 major takeaways

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Netflix Stories: Perfect Match trailer was released on June 6 (Image via Getty)

Netflix has announced Netflix Stories: Perfect Match, an interactive game based on the beloved dating show, Perfect Match. Netflix, known for producing original acclaimed movies and TV shows, is now setting its sights on taking over the video gaming industry. Building on that front, the official trailer for the game was launched on June 6, 2024, creating intrigue among reality series fans.

Netflix is also planning to launch games based on other reality series like Too Hot to Handle, The Ultimatum: Choices, and Selling Sunset, all of which can be played on the platform.

The trailer for Netflix Stories: Perfect Match is creating a stir among reality television fans as they anticipate the same amount of twists and turns in its game. Here are three major takeaways after watching the trailer.

3 major takeaways from the Netflix Stories: Perfect Match trailer

1) Fans can now be the contestants of the Perfect Match game

Netflix Stories: Perfect Match (Image via YouTube/Netflix)
Netflix Stories: Perfect Match (Image via YouTube/Netflix)

Fans of Perfect Match who decide to indulge in the game will go through the journey that the contestants are living. Just like the average reality television fan, we feel the emotions, the highs and lows from the perspective of the people already in the villa. After an episode airs, fans seem to have their ideas about what a contestant should and shouldn't have done.

Now, with the launch of Netflix Stories: Perfect Match, fans can step into the villa digitally and make their own choices given the situation in the game.

As per Netflix's official release:

"Enter the villa as a successful relationship podcaster looking for love on the show, but when someone from your past shows up on night one, you have to decide to pursue something new or explore what might’ve been."

Just like the original show is hosted by Nick Lachey, he has provided his own voice and image likeness to the game as well.

2) The player could end up without any matches

A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube@Netflix)
A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube@Netflix)

Although the player is the protagonist of this story, if the player doesn't play the game right, they could end up without a match just like in the show.

Keeping with the concept of the show, the player has to go through compatibility challenges with the contestant they like. In case they win, they will get a chance to go into the boardroom and bring in new singles to keep it interesting.

All the characters in the game are never-before-seen characters which gamers have to keep an eye on to find their connections. Every interaction and choice of players affect the outcome of the non-playable characters as well, which can affect a player going out of the house and ultimately, failing to find love in the villa.

3) The game doesn't require in-app purchases to interact

A still from the Netflix Stories: Perfect Match trailer (Image via Youtube/@Netflix)
A still from the Netflix Stories: Perfect Match trailer (Image via Youtube/@Netflix)

The company’s gaming service has over 100 gaming titles, some of which are based on Netflix's original programming. The games are promised to be ad-free for users, which can increase the amount of time people spend with the service.

In an interview with Variety, Netflix’s vice president of external games, Leanne Loombe, said they felt they could improve the interactive gaming industry through their products by giving their users an ad-free experience. Loombe said:

"And that is one of the improvements that could be made in that genre, and we’re well-positioned to do that because our value propositions are no ads and no in-app purchases."

Further explaining that Netflix officials aim to provide the best products to the gamers, she said:

"So when our members are playing those kind of games, they get the best options straight away, the best stories, the best clothes, the best customization abilities, nothing is locked behind any paywall. So I think that really does provide the ultimate amount of freedom for our members to just play the way that they want to play.”

Ultimately, Netflix is not prioritizing the gaming sector, as their games are designed to appease existing fans and build a world around their intellectual property.

Netflix Stories: Perfect Match can be played by existing users for free on their mobile platform.

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