Where to follow Isaac from The Ultimatum: South Africa? Here is everything we know from his Instagram

Isaac from The Ultimatum: South Africa
Isaac Kaninda (Image via Instagram/@isaac_kaninda)

Isaac Kaninda became the talk of the town after his appearance on The Ultimatum: South Africa. He entered the show with his partner Ruth Khathide after she issued him an ultimatum, asking him to either marry her or move on from their relationship.

Things took a turn for the couple when Ruth and her trial marriage partner Nolla got intimate. Isaac felt betrayed, leading the duo to have several arguments. On decision day, the couple ended up parting ways, making for an emotional finale.

Several fans have now taken an interest in Isaac's life and wish to follow him on social media. He often shares glimpses from his day on Instagram, via his account, @isaac_kaninda.

Isaac from The Ultimatum: South Africa: Instagram explored

Isaac has 13.6k followers on Instagram and follows 2,476 accounts, as of this writing. He describes himself as an Artist and is associated with his media production company, Izzy Film Pro. His bio includes a link to his YouTube channel and his LinkedIn page, which describes him as a professional filmmaker, scriptwriter, director, director of photography, 1st AD, videographer, and actor.

He most recently shared a post on Instagram on May 28, featuring himself and one of the hosts of The Ultimatum: South Africa, Salamina Mosese.

"Your hosting was captivating, empathetic, and engaging, and it added so much depth and enjoyment to the show. Your ability to navigate complex emotions and situations with grace and understanding truly made the series stand out. Thank you for bringing such authenticity and warmth to the screen. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in the future!" he wrote.

His Instagram account has various posts related to Nolla, with whom he has an ongoing feud. He recently shared an image from the show featuring his fellow cast member and wrote:

"Still running your mouth huh @ask_nolla."

He also shares several positive and motivational quotes through his captions. The caption of one of his posts from March 1 reads:

"All these setbacks I took would break you. The comeback is coming."

Many of his posts are related to filmmaking, directing, and his other work. He also shares clips and photos from his short films on Instagram.

He earlier dedicated a post to his web series Mafia, which was selected for screening by Lift-Off Global Network 2023. Isaac also posts pictures from the festivals and events he attends. On October 1, 2023, he shared a glimpse from his time at the DSTC Delicious Food Festival.

In December 2022, he shared a post about his year and spoke about navigating through several obstacles with "kindness and love."

"Wrap Up the year 2022, I just want to thank me for not giving up, for being there for others, for being strong one to my loved ones, for surviving every battle I faced this year, the strength and courage, for carrying myself with kindness and love," he wrote.

He continued:

"Above all I want to thank God for giving me strength to carry on while I was down and out. I want to thank God for all the achievements and milestones I managed to achieve this year. The year 2022 was a year full of lessons, full of tears, full of excitements, full of memories and we managed to WIN at the end."

Isaac on The Ultimatum: South Africa

After Ruth came clean about her intimate relationship with Nolla, Isaac, and Nolla’s original partner Lebo, were infuriated. The incident resulted in Lebo and Nolla leaving The Ultimatum: South Africa midway. Things also did not go smoothly between Isaac and Ruth after the revelation.

They were unable to trust each other and eventually parted ways in the final episode of The Ultimatum: South Africa. During the reunion episode, Ruth gave fans an update about her life and said:

"I am in a relationship. Happily so."

Isaac then revealed that while he was single, there was a "pretty lady" in his life. He also had a message for his ex, and told her:

"You know, you're just so wonderful, and keep being wonderful."

All the episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are streaming on Netflix.

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