Where to follow Lebo from The Ultimatum: South Africa? Here is everything we know from her Instagram

An image of Lebo (image via @lebo_sep)
An image of Lebo (Image via @lebo_sep)

Lebogang B Sephaphathi, also known as Lebo, featured on The Ultimatum: South Africa season 1 along with her partner, Nolla. However, the couple broke up during the Netflix show and ended the experiment early.

The Ultimatum: South Africa wrapped up the social experiment on Friday, May 24, 2024. The entire cast returned for the last episode, titled, The Reunion.

During the reunion of The Ultimatum: South Africa it was revealed that the couple had reconciled after leaving the show. However, by the end of the episode, they had parted ways again anyway. Lebo likes to update her fans about her life via social media platforms. She is quite active on Instagram, where her user id is @lebo_sep.

Everything we know about The Ultimatum: South Africa star Lebo, via Instagram

Lebo takes to Instagram to update her followers on her life now and then. She goes by the username @lebo_sep, as aforementioned. She has 8000+ followers, for whom she posts content.

She posted about the reunion episode of The Ultimatum: South Africa on her Instagram. In the same, she can be seen wearing a red colored dress and smiling.

She also posted a selfie from her bed, in which she received plenty of comments calling her the star of the show. One of those comments from @ooleevia read:

"Came here to spam you with LOVE & LIGHT. I wish you nothing but the best. You’re a beautiful woman who deserves everything you desire. Much love."

She often posts the behind-the-scenes of her glamming up, and she is sometimes seen putting on makeup. She also seems to enjoy changing her hairstyles as she sports a variety of hairstyles in different posts.

Lebo and Nolla's relationship on The Ultimatum: South Africa

The couple had been together for about one and a half years before the ultimatum to marry or move on was served. In the first episode, Lebo explained that while she was in love with her partner, Nolla, she was not sure how serious he was. Their relationship faced several challenges due to a lack of communication.

During a girls' night, Ruth spoke to Lebo privately and disclosed that Nolla had been unfaithful. Lebo confronted her partner and decided that she didn't want to be with him. Both Nolla and Lebo left The Ultimatum: South Africa as a result.

Before deciding to leave the couple had a series of fights and then, eventually decided to part ways. Lebo said in spite:

"I'm trying to respect you, respect our relationship, you're having s*x."

Despite this, Nolla kept insisting that he was in love with Lebo, who in turn kept insisting that he did not respect her enough to be faithful to her. They appeared to have made amends after leaving the show but ended up calling it quits once again.

Throughout her journey on the show, Lebo demonstrated resilience and commitment to self-worth. Despite the ups and downs with Nolla, she remained true to her values and continued to seek what she considered she deserved in a relationship.

Her presence on social media allows her to share her story and connect with her fans, offering them a glimpse into her life post-show.

Lebo's experience on the show, and her subsequent social media updates, provide a narrative of personal growth in relationships. While her time on The Ultimatum: South Africa may have come to an end, her journey continues to inspire many who follow her story.

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