Why did Lebo and Nolla leave The Ultimatum: South Africa? Details explored

The Ultimatum: South Africa cast members Nolla and Lebo
The Ultimatum: South Africa cast members Nolla and Lebo (Image via Instagram/@ask_nolla/lebo_sep)

The Ultimatum: South Africa, the latest addition to the Ultimatum series, featured a six-way swap between couples as they figured out whether they wanted to stay together and get married or move on.

In each of the couples that appeared on the show, one partner issued their significant other with an ultimatum, and one such person was Lebo. In the first episode, Lebo explained that while she was in love with her partner, Nolla, she wasn't sure how serious he was. Their relationships faced several challenges due to a lack of communication.

During the experiment, Nolla was paired with Ruth, while Lebo spent her time in a trial marriage with Adrien. The latter couple was clear from the start that they didn't see their relationship evolving romantically. However, Nolla and Ruth started getting close.

During a girls' night, Ruth spoke to Lebo privately and told her that she and Nolla "had s*x, not once, not twice, not thrice." Lebo confronted her partner and decided she didn't want to be with him. As a result, both Nolla and Lebo left The Ultimatum: South Africa.

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

Nolla's infidelity comes to light in The Ultimatum: South Africa

In The Ultimatum: South Africa, while the women discussed their new relationships during girls' night, Ruth initially told the group that she and her new partner, Nolla, weren't all that physically intimate.

The cast member said that that she wanted to be considerate of Lebo's feelings as well as her own partner, Isaac's feelings. However, once the night started wrapping up, she asked Lebo if the two could speak in private.

Ruth asked Lebo if she wanted to hear everything that happened between her and Nolla and the latter said it would be better if she knew the whole story.

In a confessional, Lebo said:

"I think maybe he had fallen in love with Ruth."

Ruth told The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member about the extent of their physical intimacy and although Lebo was upset, she thanked Ruth for telling her everything. Lebo told the cameras that she knew Nolla was "a flirter" and couldn't communicate, but she didn't know he was a cheater.

She noted that she had a lot of faith in her partner and he broke her trust. She added that it hurt. Lebo wanted to know why he cheated and went to confront him. When she went to Ruth and Nolla's apartment, she told him she knew everything. Nolla asked her who told Lebo and she confirmed that she heard it from Ruth.

"I'm trying to respect you, respect our relationship, you're having s*x."

In a confessional, Lebo said that she thought Ruth told her the truth because she and Nolla were planning on leaving the experience together. Nolla told Lebo that Ruth lied, and the cast member asked him why she would lie.

Nolla further asked Ruth why she would "joke" and tell Lebo they slept together as Lebo started walking out of the room. Lebo told him that she didn't want to talk to him.

In a confessional, Nolla said:

"I have to deny everything so that at least Lebo could be at peace."

Lebo told him that if he was in love with Ruth, he should tell her, but the latter said he was in love with Lebo. She screamed at him and said that if he loved her, he would have kept the "respect" that she kept for him.

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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