The Ultimatum: South Africa - Ruth and Isaac get into an argument about Nolla

Ruth and Isaac (Image via Instagram / Netflix Nigeria)
Ruth and Isaac (Image via Instagram/@naijaonnetflix)

After the trial marriage on The Ultimatum: South Africa ended, the original couples were paired back together. One of the couples was Ruth and Isaac, who had been in a relationship for two years. Ruth gave an ultimatum to her boyfriend to either marry or move on. During the three-week trial period, Ruth chose Nolla as her partner and Isaac was paired with Khanya.

In episode 6, Ruth told Nolla's original partner Siza that he had slept with her. When Siza confronted Nolla about it, he refused to acknowledge the truth until he decided to take revenge on the The Ultimatum: South Africa contestant. Nolla believed that his trial wife must face the consequences of her actions as well, so he informed Ruth's original partner Isaac about her cheating.

Nolla and Siza exited the show parting ways, meanwhile, Isaac and Ruth decided to work on their relationship. In episode 7, after the trial period ended, all original partners got back together, including Isaac and Ruth. However, when the two engaged in a conversation, it escalated into an argument about what Ruth and Nolla did.

The Ultimatum: South Africa episode 7 titled Back to Reality was released exclusively on Netflix. The episode synopsis reads:

"Reunited with their original partners, couples sift through their experiences and consider their futures together."

What happened between Ruth and Isaac on The Ultimatum: South Africa episode 7?

On The Ultimatum: South Africa episode 7, Ruth apologized to her boyfriend Isaac about her behavior and how he found out about the cheating scandal. Isaac was offended by her apology, as Ruth didn't apologize for cheating but rather how she handled the situation. Isaac said:

"So you're sorry because I found out, not because of what you did?"

During her confessional interview, Ruth explained that Isaac was equally at fault as he was kissing and cuddling with Khanya. The reason why she didn't apologize for sleeping with Nolla was because she didn't consider it a "mistake." Ruth implied Isaac wasn't loyal to her and acted as if he was.

The Ultimatum: South Africa contestant was upset that her boyfriend paid more attention to his trial wife than her. Isaac's temporary partner Khanya even met one of his family members, which Ruth hadn't in the past two years they were together. Ruth confronted Isaac about it, but he kept shifting the conversation to the Nolla- Ruth cheating scandal. She said:

"One thing that pissed me the most I've been with you for two years. You've been with Khanya for two, three weeks. Already she has met someone from your family, which I have not."

When Isaac realized Ruth would not answer his question, he left but returned later in the morning. Isaac also decided to forgive her and mentioned that all he wanted was a genuine apology. He said:

"I want her to apologize because she means it, and she knows the damage she has caused me. She's sorry because of how I found out and how she reacted, not because of what she did."

The two reality TV stars wanted to sort their issues out and build trust through effective communication. However, Isaac told Ruth he was hurt by her actions and would need some time to heal.

To see Isaac and Ruth's journey on the show, stream The Ultimatum: South Africa exclusively on Netflix.

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