Based on a True Story season 2: Everything we know so far

Based on a True Story season 2: Everything we know so far
Based on a True Story season 2: Everything we know so far (Image via Peacock)

Based on a True Story season 2 is set to return on Peacock, with Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina reprising their roles in this thrilling dark comedy. The show is not an exact account of the event but derives inspiration from the obsession with actual crime literature as indicated by its title.

In season 1, Ava and Nathan, who are a couple striving to make ends meet, discover who the West Side Ripper is—a serial killer who terrorizes the area where they live. Instead of involving law enforcement agents, Ava and Nathan found a way to make the criminal a part of their podcast on actual crime, which later resulted in dramatic episodes that were life-threatening.

Nathan and Ava’s true crime project fell apart in the season finale after public outcry, as the West Side Ripper assumed control of the narrative. More chaos and suspense lie ahead as they sink deeper into trouble; all these shall be revealed in season 2.

What are the latest updates on Based on a True Story season 2?

New showrunner Annie Weisman is expected to add new twists and turns to Based on a True Story season 2 following Craig Rosenberg's departure from that role to executive producer. This means there might be some changes as far as storytelling devices go and might also suggest some other themes.

Though no specific date has been established for this installment's premiere, many believe it could happen sometime in late 2024 or early 2025 based on previous release patterns seen during the first season when it came out six months after hitting American screens.

Which characters are expected to return in Based on a True Story season 2?

One of the most anticipated aspects of Based on a True Story season 2 is the return of major characters. Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina are expected back in their respective roles as Ava and Nathan Bartlett, and Bateman will also reprise his role as Matt Pierce, their unlikely collaborator.

In a Radio Times report, it was mentioned that Liana Liberato return as Tory, and Aaron Staton would be reprising his character Simon Gale.

However, Priscilla Quintana (Ruby) and Natalia Dyer (Chloe) were not confirmed for the second season due to their characters’ deaths in season 1.

What to expect in Based on a True Story season 2?

Based on a True Story season 2 is bound to take us further into the messy lives of Ava and Nathan with the showrunner shuffle and unresolved conflicts from the first season. The second season will look at what happens after they fail in their criminal empire career and let a serial killer have a mouthpiece.

Ava and Nathan are likely to face new ethical issues and risks as the West Side Ripper takes over content creation.

Annie Weisman’s entry also promises a fresh viewership experience, and fans can expect more twists in the plot. Though different, there will still be dark comedy mixed up with suspense as was seen in the previous series but this time it would reflect Weisman’s style of storytelling.

It is the story that revolves around Ava, Nathan, and the West Side Ripper that captivates audiences.

Based on a True Story season 2 will grow on its thrilling foundation with old characters coming back, and new creative management taking charge, not to mention the continuation of a high-stakes drama that kept viewers glued in the first season.

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