5 most loved Bridgerton characters of all time (& 5 whom fans can't stand at all)

5 most loved Bridgerton characters of all time (& 5 whom fans can
5 most loved Bridgerton characters of all time (& 5 whom fans can't stand at all) (Image via IMDb)

Many characters from the Bridgerton series have captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. The diverse and dynamic cast brings depth and intrigue to every episode. The popularity of these characters stems from their complex personalities, fascinating storylines, and the actors’ stellar performances.

The popularity of Bridgerton is mostly due to the characters, as viewers develop deep bonds with their favorite characters. The show explores the social circle and family life of the Bridgertons during the Regency era in England, creating a complex web of drama, power, and love.

From romance and scandal to high drama in a Regency setting, this latest hit on Netflix is the talk of the town. Every character, from the kind, loving, and wise to the arrogant and careless ones, has made this show more impactful. The anticipation for more engrossing encounters and storylines grows, so here are the most and least adored characters from the series ever.

5 most loved Bridgerton characters of all time

1) Anthony Bridgerton's development captures hearts

Anthony Bridgerton in season 2 (Image via Netflix)
Anthony Bridgerton in season 2 (Image via Netflix)

In season 2 of Bridgerton, it was Anthony Bridgerton and not Daphne who stole the show. Daphne's love story in season 1 was compelling, but season 2 adds dimension through Anthony's romantic journey. Fans adored Anthony Bridgerton's immense capacity for love in season 2. Despite his distant demeanor, his actions betrayed his profound concern for his loved ones. Anthony's battles with vulnerability and flaws enhanced his genuineness and relatability.

Season 1 opened with Anthony, a young man dealing with the loss of his father and the burden of responsibility. As patriarch of the Bridgerton family, he did his best to look out for his mother and siblings, but he occasionally fell short when setting up Daphne's marriage. He was sincere in his intentions to ensure his sister was happy, even though he didn't always know what was best.

Anthony became a fan favorite in the Bridgerton series as he was on a transformative journey in season 2, characterized by profound personal growth and emotional complexity. Fans couldn't get enough of Anthony and Kate Sharma's electric chemistry. He became a more complex character due to his relationships with his siblings.

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2) Lady Danbury's sass and wisdom are unmatched

Lady Danbury's Sass and Wisdom Are Unmatched (Image via Netflix)
Lady Danbury's Sass and Wisdom Are Unmatched (Image via Netflix)

Lady Danbury is a beloved Bridgerton character who significantly influences London's high society, known as the ton. In season 2, her astute judgment helped Edwina become the diamond of the season, the most sought-after young lady.

It would have been impossible to finish the Bridgerton-verse without her. Adjoa Andoh plays the role of Soma Anderson, a member of London's elite who was born Agatha Danbury, also known as Lady Danbury.

Fans love her for the mix of sass and wisdom she brings to every scene. Lady Danbury is well-informed about everything happening and is admired by everyone. She commands respect effortlessly, bridging various social groups with grace.

While she might intimidate some, her warmth and wisdom shine through. In another world, she could be the perfect Lady Whistledown, but here, she is the most valuable ally to those close to the Bridgertons, orchestrating key events of the season with her keen insight and unmatched social acumen.

3) Violet Bridgerton, fans’ favorite

Violet Bridgerton (Image via Netflix)
Violet Bridgerton (Image via Netflix)

Violet is an incredibly fascinating character, and it's easy to empathize with her. After losing her husband and raising eight children, Violet possesses a remarkable inner strength that few characters or people can claim. She is intelligent, kind, and fierce, traits that greatly aid her in navigating the complexities of high society. These qualities make her a standout figure in the Bridgerton series and a beloved character among fans.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, a prequel spin-off of the Bridgerton series, stars Connie Jenkins-Grieg as Violet's younger self, who is equally charming. Violet's past enhances her persona by showcasing her charm and perseverance over time. This better understanding makes Violet more beloved by fans.

While she can sometimes be controlling towards her children, her intentions are always rooted in wanting the best for them. Her protectiveness makes her powerful, admirable, and relatable. Violet's diverse personality and steadfast family loyalty appeal to viewers and make her popular.

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4) Kathani (Kate) Sharma's mystery intrigues viewers

Kate Sharma’s loyalty, independence, and passion made her a standout character in season 2. Her intense romance with Anthony captivated fans. Again, her refreshing honesty and unwavering devotion to her sister's happiness in Bridgerton made her loved by fans. Her selfless decision to conceal the truth about Edwina's inheritance demonstrated her deep empathy and loyalty.

Kate's modern outlook, exemplified by her willingness to challenge societal norms, resonates with viewers who admire her courage and authenticity. Her witty banter and fearless demeanor, as seen in the memorable ankle-revealing scene in season 2, evoke both laughter and admiration, making her a beloved character.

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5) Penelope Featherington: Different from the Featherington family

Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan (Image via Netflix)
Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan (Image via Netflix)

Penelope Featherington is a character who evokes a mix of sympathy and admiration from the audience. She stands out from the rest of the Featherington family, which is a positive attribute in many ways.

Penelope reveals her finest traits when it concerns the well-being and security of her family and friends. For instance, she helped out her financially struggling mother by donating a portion of Lady Whistledown's earnings to her.

As an obvious introvert, Penelope prefers to observe social gatherings from the safest corner where she feels most comfortable. Her reserved nature adds to her charm, though her hesitancy to pursue her desires can sometimes be frustrating, particularly when she finds it challenging to address issues directly.

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5 Bridgerton characters whom fans can't stand at all

1) Cressida Cowper, a significant source of frustration

Cressida Cowper with Colin (Image via Netflix)
Cressida Cowper with Colin (Image via Netflix)

Exuding arrogance, Cressida Cowper (Jessica Madsen) doesn't appear much onscreen, but she still manages to be a significant source of frustration in her limited time. Mostly, fans see her trying to sabotage Daphne in season 1 and Prudence in season 2.

Cressida arrogantly believes she's a better match for Prince Friedrich and threatens Daphne's entire life over him. In season 2, her overconfidence in her relationship with Jack Featherington blinds her to his true nature. Her manipulative personality and bullying tactics make her one of the least likable characters in Bridgerton.

2) Eloise Bridgerton's judgmental attitude in season 2

Initially portrayed as a bright intellectual who challenges traditional gender roles, Eloise Bridgerton becomes a contentious character as the series progresses.

In the first season, her resistance to marriage and societal expectations and her success in uncovering Lady Whistledown's identity showcased her strong-willed nature. However, this assertiveness often manifested as sarcasm and rudeness, particularly towards her sister, Daphne, who embraced more traditional roles.

In the second season, Eloise's actions raised further concerns. Despite her feminist ideals, she fell for a boy from a publishing house, leading her to neglect her best friend, Penelope. This shift was seen as hypocritical, as Eloise, the champion of women's emancipation, envied Penelope's secret success as Lady Whistledown.

Her preoccupation with personal issues blinded her to her friend's struggles, resulting in a poignant and realistic but ultimately disheartening rift between them. Fans criticize Eloise for her apparent lack of self-awareness and inconsistency in her principles, making her a polarizing figure in the Bridgerton series.

3) Simon Basset's absence is felt

Simon Basset's absence is felt (Image via Netflix)
Simon Basset's absence is felt (Image via Netflix)

Simon Basset's character, while complex, often frustrates fans due to his actions and attitudes. His traumatic upbringing, marked by his father's rejection because of a speech impediment, leaves Simon believing he is unworthy of love and that others do not deserve it either. This deep-seated belief shapes his every decision, making him perpetually haunted by the late Duke of Hastings' disdain.

Simon's vow to never sire an heir is his way of exerting control after years of feeling powerless. However, this decision ultimately deprives him of joy and fulfillment. His inability to move past his trauma and embrace vulnerability is understandable, but it also makes him stubborn and emotionally distant.

Fans are often exasperated by Simon's reluctance to open up and his harsh treatment of those who care for him, particularly Daphne. While his internal struggles are tragic, they lead to actions that alienate him from others, making it difficult for viewers to fully empathize with his character.

Simon's journey in season 1 is a stark reminder of how unresolved trauma can cloud judgment and hinder personal growth, leaving fans conflicted about his role in the series.

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4) Colin Bridgerton's selfishness disappoints fans

Colin Bridgerton's Selfishness Disappoints Fans (Image via Netflix)
Colin Bridgerton's Selfishness Disappoints Fans (Image via Netflix)

Then comes Colin Bridgerton. While generally well-liked, his character faced significant criticism towards the end of season 2 due to his actions. His transformation from blissfully ignorant to arrogantly ignorant did not sit well with some fans. His royally poor decisions, particularly speaking ill of Penelope, disappointed and frustrated audiences.

Firstly, his obliviousness to Penelope's love for him was baffling. Secondly, his desperate need to please others and be accepted clouded his judgment, leading to annoying and careless behavior. This clueless confidence irritated fans, making it hard to see how he could be redeemed. Despite his physical glow-up in season 2, Colin's mental and emotional growth lagged.

Throughout seasons 1 and 2, many of Colin's decisions were driven by a desire to please those around him, leaving him uncertain of his own identity. His tendency to say things he didn't truly believe, especially when disparaging his best friend, was disheartening.

While Colin's character had endearing qualities, his lack of self-awareness and poor decision-making tarnished his appeal to many viewers. Colin makes a comeback in season three as a more mature character — attracting his fans, precisely, women.

5) Lady Featherington's overexposure in season 2

Lady Featherington's Overexposure in Season 2 (Image via Netflix)
Lady Featherington's Overexposure in Season 2 (Image via Netflix)

Lady Featherington, the Featherington matriarch, is best in small doses. Portia appears to desire the best for her daughters but fails to demonstrate significant empathy for their desires and requirements. She is overbearing, as evidenced by her consistent use of a yellow dress and her persistent pestering during the social season.

Nevertheless, the most aggravating aspects of Portia are her arrogant demeanor and unforgiving behavior toward Jack in season 2 and Marina in season 1. The act of fabricating a note from Marina's lover is unforgivable for many fans.

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The characters of this American historical romance television series continue to drive the show’s success. The intricate personalities and evolving relationships keep viewers engaged, and the mix of loved and disliked characters adds depth to the narrative.

As the series progresses, fans eagerly anticipate new developments and deeper insights into their favorite figures. Bridgerton’s choice of characters ensures it remains a beloved and captivating series.

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