BMF season 3 ending explained: Did Henrietta kill her father?

Meech and Terry Flenory (Image via BMF/Facebook)
Meech and Terry Flenory (Image via BMF/Facebook)

BMF season 3 ended with a loaded episode filled with drama, betrayal, and murder. The Meech and Terry saga to become the apex drug kingpin of the United States continued this season, with the highlight being Henrietta's journey.

She went through the most twists and turns, eventually killing her father and ending up dead in prison. Remi was met with the same fate after Meech turned the tables and got him thrown out of his own gang.

Angel decides to move back to her hometown and open a night school for girls, while Terry makes peace with the realization that he will always remain in Meech's shadow, and that might not be a bad thing.

BMF season 3 premiered on May 10, 2024, on Starz Network and Starz app.

Remi and Henrietta are killed in the finale of BMF season 3


BMF season 3 had its best moment when Henrietta, played by Ren King, appeared on screen. Earlier in the episode, viewers saw her shave her head off and go to meet her new romantic partner, only to find out that she had been a mole all along. Henrietta tries to choke him to death, but she escapes and is rescued by Detective Von Bryant.

Henrietta is shot in the thigh, but gets no compassion from her father, who blames her for bringing death and ruin to the family from the moment she was born. He refuses to call her Henri, and calls her too emotional to get involved in the business. She kills her father in a fit of rage. Eventually, she is stabbed in the back by a prisoner while she is behind bars.

Remi, on the other hand, is ousted by Meech, who convinces everyone in his gang to join hands with him. Remi confronts Meech, and things get heated. He vows to take revenge from Remi for what he did, but in the next scene, we see the latter getting shot in the head.

The man behind Remi's death was not revealed, but it can be assumed that Meech took care of it to avoid any future troubles.

Lucille becomes an Assistant Pastor after heartbreak

Lucille and Russell (Image via BMF/Facebook)
Lucille and Russell (Image via BMF/Facebook)

BMF season 3 finale also saw Lucille getting a divorce from Russell, who had confessed to cheating on him with their neighbor. Lucille finds love with Maurice, and they end up spending a night together.

However, after making love, Maurice confesses to being engaged for the last two years. Lucille can't stand the thought of being with another cheater and storms out of the hotel room.

She mends things with Russell and agrees to continue their life as friends. In the final scenes, we see her being appointed as the new assistant Pastor of her local church. She accepts the job and gives a powerful sermon about shame and acceptance.

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Meech and Terry plan to expand their operation

Meech and Terry in season finale (Image via BMF/Facebook)
Meech and Terry in season finale (Image via BMF/Facebook)

After taking care of Henrietta and making sure she is caught by the police, Terry has a realization that, no matter what he does, he will always remain in the shadow of his brother, Meech. His friend helps him understand that being in the shadows might not be a bad thing.

Meech takes care of the business in Atlanta and gets Remi out of his way. His stripper girlfriend, Angel, tells him that she wants to go back to her hometown and open a night school for girls to give them an opportunity for a better life than her.

In the later part of the episode, Meech tells Terry his plan to expand their business to every state of the USA. Terry is initially startled, but he recognizes the hunger and competence of his brother and agrees to move forward to the next chapter of BMF.

In the climax, someone informs them that their main supplier has been arrested in Mexico. BMF season 3 ends with the Flenory brothers in Mexico, standing in the middle of nowhere. There is a final voiceover of Terry as the frame turns dark saying that they are going on the biggest adventure of their lives.

Final thoughts on BMF season 3

BMF season 3 proved to be yet another smart and well-executed addition to the saga of the Flenory brothers. The finale tied all the important knots and provided a satisfying resolution to ongoing conflicts while maintaining the thrill and excitement.

The show produced by 50 Cent and starring Demetrius Flenory Jr., Da'Vinchi, Michole Briana White, Ajiona Alexus, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, and Myles Truitt, has been steadily gaining popularity among audiences with every subsequent season.

BMF season 3 is available on the Starz app for streaming.

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