Dateline NBC: Where are Andre Pugh and Adrian Harley now?

Andre Pugh
Where are Andre Pugh and Adrian Harley now? (Image via Pexels/Jimmy Chan)

The murder of Tiffany Pugh, the wife of local deejay Andre Pugh, brought Atlanta's music scene to a standstill in November 2014. Tiffany, 30, was found shot to death in her East Point home as her two children were home with her.

While the East Point Police Department had suspected a case of home invasion, they uncovered evidence that led to the conviction of Andre Pugh and his best friend, Adrian Harley. Andre had reportedly hired his best friend, Adrian Harley, for the hit.

Both Andre Pugh and Adrian Harley are currently serving life sentences at Hancock State Prison and Smith State Prison, respectively.

The Dateline NBC episode titled Sound and Fury airs on May 10, 2024, at 9 pm EST and showcases the brutal murder of Delta Airlines employee Tiffany Pugh. The official synopsis of the episode reads:

"When the wife of a popular Atlanta DJ is found murdered in her home, detectives try to unravel what led to her killing."

Who was the prime suspect in Tiffany Pugh's murder?

Tiffany Pugh was found shot to death in the eye and chest in her East Point home at around 6 am local time on November 23, 2014, as per Oxygen. The first responders who had arrived at the crime scene found her two-year-old son crying and straddling her dead body.

The authorities from the East Point Police Department were alerted by Tiffany's husband and the popular strip club deejay, Andre Pugh, who often went by the name of DJ Awesome at Club Onyx.

Pugh had allegedly received a call from his alarm company at around 5:50 am local time, notifying him of a break-in. As reported by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, he was going to another strip club on Campbellton Road.

Pugh told detectives that he had possibly seen a body in the bedroom and asked for their help for his two children inside the East Point house. Andre claimed in his alibi that he had been at work at Club Onyx the same night. He entered the suspect list as the prime suspect when the authorities found out about the murder of DJ Nando. However, Nando and Pugh's murders were found to be unrelated.

Why were Adrian Harley and Andre Pugh arrested?

The police assumed the crime to be a home invasion gone wrong but soon considered it a murder as they found the window screen of the downstairs dining room cut open. No valuables were amiss and there were no traces of evidence inside the house as well, as per The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

The court records stated that Tiffany's close friends revealed that the couple had been on the brink of a divorce due to marital problems. However, Andre had never mentioned so during his statement. A search warrant for his cellphone revealed a broken marriage and a call to his best friend, Adrian Harley, before the time of the murder.

As Adrian Harley was brought in for questioning, he failed to provide a foolproof alibi and allegedly reacted defensively, according to Oxygen. The cell records from his phone pinned him to the Pughs' location around the time of the murder. Besides, his car matched the description of the black car that appeared in the neighbor's security cameras at around 4:45 am local time.

Where are Andre Pugh and Adrian Harley now?

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, Andre Pugh and Adrian Harley were arrested from Club Onyx on December 5, 2014. The East Point Police Department suspected Andre to have hired Adrian to kill Tiffany over financial and marital issues.

While Pugh was tried in 2018 for murder and possession of a firearm, Harley was tried in 2022 for the same charges. Both received life sentences with no chance of parole. Andre Pugh has been serving his sentence at the Hancock State Prison while Adrian Harley has been incarcerated at the Smith State Prison.

Watch the season 32 episode Sound and Fury as it airs on Friday, May 10, 2024, on NBC.

Edited by Meenakshi Ajith
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