Does Sully die in Sullivan's Crossing? Character's fate explored

Cast of Sullivan
Cast of Sullivan's Crossing (Image via The CW/IMDb)

The CW's drama series Sullivan's Crossing, based on the novel by Robyn Carr, has captivated audiences with its intricate portrayal of family dynamics and personal struggles. Central to the story is Sully Sullivan, played by Scott Patterson, whose fate became a significant cliffhanger at the end of season 1.

As viewers grapple with the possibility of Sully's demise, the show masterfully intertwines his character's struggles with themes of redemption and reconciliation. This article delves into Sully's fate, examining what transpires in the finale and what it means for the future of Sullivan's Crossing.

In the dramatic season 1 finale, Sully's health crisis leaves fans in suspense. Throughout the series, Sully is portrayed as a man burdened by past mistakes and present challenges, from financial struggles to strained relationships with his family. The season culminates in a tense confrontation with his daughter Maggie, followed by Sully collapsing, seemingly due to a heart attack.

This moment raises the pivotal question: does Sully die, or will he survive to face the consequences of his actions and continue his journey of redemption?

What happens to Sully in Sullivan's Crossing?

Sully’s collapse at the end of the season 1 finale is the result of the immense strain he has been under. After getting into a heated argument with Maggie where old wounds are re-opened, leading to an intensification of guilt over past misdeeds, it all comes crashing down on him physically through a decline in his physical being.

Alcoholism, poverty, and guilt over injuring Lola, whom he had treated like a daughter since her accident, have marked most of Sully’s life. These pressures culminate in a dramatic collapse, leaving the audience undecided whether he will make it.

Scott Patterson, who plays Sully, has already talked about how complicated these struggles are for him and how they can affect him physically as well. Even though the finale does not explain Sully’s fate, Patterson implies in his statements that this character has further to go even if he survives this health crisis.

The show creators have built a story with potential for Sully’s redemption and reconciliation with his daughter, which makes it necessary for him to survive for future episodes.

What happens in the rest of the episode?

The season 1 finale is titled Sins of the Father because it shows Sully’s crisis but also wraps up some other stories while setting up new ones. Morgan Kohan, who plays Maggie, goes through some professional and personal struggles. Her decision to take responsibility for a medical mistake leads her to possible changes in her career and an unplanned pregnancy, complicating her relationship with Cal (Chad Michael Murray).

Cal scatters his wife’s ashes at last, bringing his storyline to its climax as a signal that he is ready to move on. However, Maggie’s pregnancy is one obstacle hindering their relationship from flourishing, especially if these two do not resolve their unresolved romantic feelings between them.

Many questions are left unanswered by this episode of Sullivan's Crossing, such as Maggie's career advancement and her relationships with both Cal and her estranged father, Sully.

What happens in season 2 episode 1 of Sullivan's Crossing

Season two of Sullivan’s Crossing commences with a much-anticipated premiere that tackles cliffhangers left by the season one finale. In this first episode, it is revealed that though Sully survived his health scare, he still had a long journey ahead towards recovery.

This new season of Sullivan's Crossing follows Sully as he tries to reunite with his family members, starting with Maggie. His life being saved compels him to confront his errors in the past, for which he must atone and grow emotionally through redemption.

The journey for Sully in Sullivan's Crossing season 2 promises to be just as tempestuous as ever, with more profound character development and new challenges.

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