George Cooper death in Young Sheldon leaves Twitter heartbroken 

Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr., Sheldon
Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr., Sheldon's dad, in an episode from Young Sheldon Sesaon 7 (Image via CBS)

Fans of Young Sheldon are feeling sad and emotional about George Cooper's offscreen death. Even people who casually watch the show are feeling the impact. In the 12th episode of the final season, it was revealed that George had passed away from a heart attack. The Cooper family only found out when George's two best friends broke the news to them.

The executive producer of the show, Steve Holland, mentioned that George was always meant to die from a heart attack, even though it wasn't explicitly stated in the original Big Bang Theory series. The emotional reactions on X (formerly Twitter) show how much people love the Cooper family, even though Young Sheldon mostly gets attention there for memes and short clips.

Annie Potts, the actress who plays George's mother-in-law on the show, also posted on X.

She wrote,

"Love you, George. Forever and always, Meemaw."

Several fans also took to the platform to voice their concerns and feelings about what transpired in the last 3 episodes of Young Sheldon season 7 regarding the death of the titular character's dad, George Cooper Sr.

"RIP George Cooper, you're a real one," said a fan on X who also posted an edit of the character.
"I knew it was coming and nothing could’ve prepared me for it," wrote another heartbroken fan.
"I knew when he said 'see y’all later' that he wasn’t coming back," shared another Young Shedon fan on X.
"Even though we were warned… damn, that hurt. To the best dad in Texas. We love you, George Cooper!" expressed another X user.
"RIP to George the best character on the show. We knew it was gonna happen but we didn’t want it to happen (...) He always cared for everyone I wonder if they will have a funeral episode," opined another fan of the show.

Young Sheldon pleasantly surprises fans by addressing George Cooper's death in a funeral episode, providing closure for many viewers. Additionally, the show gives a sneak peek into the future with appearances from Mayim Bialik (Amy, Sheldon's wife) and Jim Parsons (adult Sheldon).

How did Sheldon’s dad George die on Young Sheldon?

In A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture, in the second-to-last episode of season 7 of Young Sheldon, Sheldon's dad, George Cooper Sr., passed away from a heart attack. The episode showed the Coopers facing big life changes, as Sheldon was getting ready to head to California for grad school and George was starting a new job as a football coach at Rice University in Houston.

The family was hit hard by George's death, especially since they were getting ready for a photo shoot and then got the news out of the blue from his co-workers. It left everyone devastated and Sheldon was completely shocked. This moment was a big turning point in the series, showing how the show can tug at your heartstrings and connect with the audience.

The Big Bang Theory foreshadowed the death of Sheldon's father, George Cooper Sr., in Young Sheldon through various references and moments in the series. In the episode titled Thanksgiving Uncoupling, Sheldon admits to Bernadette's father that his father, George Sr., died when he was 14 and highlights the impact his father's absence has had on his life.

Also, in season 4 of Young Sheldon, adult Sheldon talks about how he regrets not telling his dad how he felt before he passed away. These hints and reflections in both shows set the stage for George's death in Young Sheldon, bringing more depth to the story and showing how it affects Sheldon and his family.

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