How did George Cooper die in Young Sheldon? Sudden death explored 

How did George Cooper die in Young Sheldon? Sudden death explored (Image Via Young Sheldon Instagram)
How did George Cooper die in Young Sheldon? Sudden death explored (Image Via Young Sheldon Instagram)

The final episodes of Young Sheldon Season 7 brought viewers a very sad goodbye to George Cooper, a character who had been at the core of the show. George’s funeral was the climax of the story and broke fans’ hearts; they wanted to know why George Cooper died in Young Sheldon.

Known for his adorable eccentricities and unwavering support for his family, George was a fan-favorite character whose sudden exit left everyone reeling.

This moment had been foreseen by supporters, but that didn't make it any less painful. The mourning reached its pinnacle with Episode 13, the finale episode of Young Sheldon, which featured moving burial rites that marked the end of an era among the Coopers and their audience.

Exploring how George Cooper Dies in Young Sheldon Season 7

How did George Cooper die in Young Sheldon? He died due to a heart attack, according to The Big Bang Theory, where he was said to have died when Sheldon was 14.

In season 1 episode 3, he first suffered a heart attack, which became fatal in the series four episode finale, but he escaped death. Although it didn’t kill him, it served as a clear warning sign, making Sheldon much worried about seeing him lying on a hospital bed.

Later, while flirting with Brenda Sparks after fighting violently with Mary, George had another minor heart attack, although his fatal one happened off-screen. Instead, he went to work early morning but never returning home again. Principal Tom and Coach Wilkins came to inform Coopers about the tragic news.

According to Variety Steve Holland explained:

“We always knew that George’s death would happen off-screen, that we didn’t want to witness it. It was just a question of when.

Speaking about the same to Deadline, he added:

“We didn’t want to see his death in The closing episodes of the series. We have always known we were going to deal with his death at some point in season four but never really thought there would be a camera. So the only discussion was about what episode it should come and how that news had fallen on the family.”

How did George Cooper die suddenly in Young Sheldon Season 7?

In The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 2, Sheldon abbreviated his dad’s cause of death as SBL, but that was never explained. George died from a heart attack, but there’s no cardiological diagnosis linked to those letters, leaving this detail a mystery.

Producer Steve Holland in a quote reported by Dexerto mentioned that the only consistent detail they followed was George’s age.

“And to be honest, even Big Bang canon isn’t entirely consistent. It got more consistent. We know it was 14, and we know that Sheldon goes to Caltech right afterward and leaves Georgie and the rest of the family behind grieving. Those were the two pieces that we knew,” he said.

Holland added:

“I don’t remember if it was sort of an implied heart attack. I’m not sure if we ever said heart attack. It’s what we had always thought, internally. We know Sheldon’s dad passed away when he was 14, but I don’t remember if we ever specifically said heart attack.”

Producer Steve Holland had also revealed how writing the death of George Cooper on Young Sheldon was a little tricky, as the viewers knew about his death.

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