"It is absolutely terrifying” — Ncuti Gatwa teases never heard before details about Doctor Who season 14 villain

Ncuti Gatwa Lights Up The London Eye For "Doctor Who"
Ncuti Gatwa Lights Up The London Eye For "Doctor Who" (Image via Getty)

The newest Doctor to join the cast of Doctor Who recently spoke to BBC about the monsters set to feature in season 14 of the show.

Ahead of season 14's release on May 11, 2024, writer, director, and executive producer Russell T Davies and the main cast of the show sat with BBC to discuss about the upcoming season. Those in attendance from the main cast were the 15th doctor Ncuti Gatwa, Millie Gibson (Ruby Sunday), Golda Rosheuvel (Jocelyn), and Jinkx Monsoon (Maestro).

When Ncuti was questioned bout the monsters his character will be witnessing in the show, he said:

"Russell's brain has managed to create a whole new level of monster that's really terrifying! In the first episode, for instance, the monster is so scary. When I heard about it, I thought, ‘Oh, that's a nice beginning-of-the-series monster to warn the audience about what’s to come."

He also added:

"It’s on the same level of scariness as the Goblin King.’ But then I saw the actual costume and it is absolutely terrifying. I was so shocked! We certainly are on track to get a whole new generation of kids hiding behind the sofa!"

What can you expect from Doctor Who season 14?

During the BBC interview, frontrunner Russell T Davies was questioned about the season's theme, and he said a few things that are sure to leave the audiences excited. He said that each episode of the upcoming season will be different from the other. Thus, at no point will the audience feel that the show is being monotonous.

Additionally, Davies also said that the upcoming season will address a lot of stories that were left on a cliffhanger. These include plots chronicling the origin story of the fifteenth Doctor's new friend, Ruby, whose family was a topic of discussion earlier.

"....there is obviously a mystery to Ruby's birth family. She was a foundling left at a church. It is a fairy tale like story, but it keeps following her. That story is not finished. Who is her mother? How can they possibly find out what went on?" Davies said.

He also added that the mystery concerning Ruby's family will lay the foundation for the Doctor and her friendship to grow stronger. This is because the two share a similar fate when it comes to their families. As Ncuti Gatwa says in the same interview later:

"Doctor and Ruby bond over the fact that they both orphans, they are foundlings."

Who is playing the villain in Doctor Who season 14?

Jinkx Monsoon will be playing Maestro, the main antagonist, in Doctor Who season 14. When the trailer for the upcoming season was first released the character was only briefly teased, which kept the audience guessing. It was later revealed that Monsoon will be portraying the role of the famous villain in the upcoming season.

Talking about the nature of her character in Doctor Who season 14, Monsoon said to BBC that her character was an amalgamation of herself and the Joker. She even released that the character's description in the original script read:

"One part the Joker, one part Jinkx Monsoon."

Doctor Who season 14 premieres May 10, 2024, at 7 pm ET on Disney+ in the United States. In the United Kingdom, it premieres a day after on May 11, 2024, on BBC iPlayer.

Edited by Rhythm Bhatia
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