Netflix’s What Jennifer Did: What happened to Jennifer Pan?

Jennifer Pan
Jennifer Pan's plan was to play a victim while her parents got killed (Image via Netflix)

Netflix's latest true crime story, What Jennifer Did, arrived on the platform on April 10, 2024.

Almost a decade after Jennifer Pan was sentenced to life imprisonment for first-degree murder of her parents, the Netflix show presents the reason behind the crime and the steps taken by the investigators to reach the conviction of the miscreants. As for Jennifer Pan, she's serving her sentence and looking to appeal against the verdict.

What Jennifer Did is a Canada-based crime event covered in Netflix's latest endeavor to present true crime stories in documentary format.

Jenny Popplewell directs the movie and has Paul Nguyen as one of the producers. While the documentary has interviews with concerned police investigators, both Jennifer and her father, Huei Hann, refused to speak on the events.

What Jennifer Did: What happened to Jennifer Pan after the investigations?

Jennifer was found guilty of first-degree murder of her parents (Image via Netflix)
Jennifer was found guilty of first-degree murder of her parents (Image via Netflix)

Investigations on the attempted murders of the Pan couple initially pointed at a home break-in for robbery resulting in killings.

However, after Huei Hann recovered from a coma, he revealed that his daughter knew the robbers. This evidence coupled with the past information on Jennifer led the police to suspect the girl.

The investigators also learned about the lies Jennifer had been telling her parents for years and how her parents forbade her friendship with Daniel Wong, a drug dealer with a criminal past. Some investigators spoke at length about snippets of evidence in the Netflix documentary, What Jennifer Did.

In her third interview with the investigators, Jennifer confessed to having masterminded the plan to hire hitmen and leave the door open for them.

While she claimed she was to be the victim and not her parents, the jury found her guilty and sentenced her to life, along with Wong and the three hitmen.

What Jennifer Did: What is Jennifer's current status and plans for the future?

Jennifer is in jail serving a life sentence (Image via Netflix Tudum)
Jennifer is in jail serving a life sentence (Image via Netflix Tudum)

Ten years after being found guilty, Jennifer Pan is in jail with no contact with her family. Her sentence allowed her parole after 25 years meaning she has not been out even once since her conviction. However, she still maintains her stand on being not guilty.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ontario's Court for Appeal overturned the conviction of first-degree murder for Jennifer and her accessories.

After Eric Carty died in jail in 2018, four appellants are remaining. Their lawyers have argued in favour of a second-degree murder and a hearing is yet to be decided.

What Jennifer Did: What happened within the Pan family home?

Jennifer's parents had a lot of expectations from her (Image via Netflix)
Jennifer's parents had a lot of expectations from her (Image via Netflix)

On November 8, 2010, Ontario police arrived on a crime scene in the quiet suburbs of the city where supposed gunmen had forced entry into the Pan home. As per the surviving victim, Jennifer Pan, the gunmen demanded money, shot her parents and escaped.

Bich Ha, the mother, died on the spot, while, Huei Hann, the father, sustained severe injuries needing medical care. What Jennifer Did says Jennifer pleaded when calling 911 for immediate help, but her father landed in a coma.

As investigations unfolded, the detectives discovered anomalies in what Jennifer let on and the information she tried to cover. The detectives learned about Jennifer's romance with drug dealer Wong which her parents did not approve, as mentioned before.

Moreover, being pressured to perform, Jennifer lied to her parents about college and education.


When they stumbled on all the lies Jennifer had told them, her parents restrained her relationship with Wong.

Enraged, the girl planned on getting outside help to kill her parents, as per the investigators. According to them, this was her second attempt since she had asked another acquaintance to kill her parents sometime before the actual event.

She asked Wong, her boyfriend at the time, to help hire gunmen, and with the help of David Mylvaganam, Eric Carty and Lenford Crawford put her plan into action. The plan was to make the crime scene look like a robbery attempt.

Carty who was given an 18-year sentence died in jail in 2018, while the others received a life sentence which they are serving currently.

Watch What Jennifer Did available for streaming on Netflix.

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