Iain Armitage explains the reason behind Sheldon’s stone-faced reaction to George’s death in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon's stone faced reaction after hearing about George's death (Image by TVLine)

Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon, a period sitcom, has spoken about his stone-faced reaction to George’s death in season 7, episode 12 of the show.

In an interview with TVLine, when he was asked about the tragedy that last week’s episode finished with, he was reluctant to speak about it first. However, he revealed that the real reason behind Sheldon’s stone-faced reaction was because of directions he received from Steven Molaro, one of the creators of Young Sheldon.

Molaro had asked Iain not to get emotional or show any reaction to George’s death. His stone-faced reaction should be enough to tell the audience that the news of his father's death is so heartbreaking, that he cannot process anything. It is as if he is emotionally overwhelmed.

"A thousand times more heartbreaking": Young Sheldon star Iain Armitage reacts to George’s death


In an interview with TVLine, Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon, talked about his stone-faced reaction following his father George’s death in the series.

When the interviewer asks him to talk about the tragedy that ended last week's episode, he laughs and replies “Can we not?” While we see other characters like Mary, Missy, and Meemaw sobbing to George’s death and consoling each other, Sheldon sits on his chair. Sheldon doesn’t weep or shed tears like others.

In the interview with TVLine, on May 14, 2024, he said:

"The thing about Sheldon is it's less of an external.... stone-faced I think you know for other characters maybe that stone facade is crumbling from the outside in, for Sheldon it's from the inside out. One of the first takes we did I sat down in the chair the way they wanted me to and I kind of started to let my face fall and almost not quite cry but you know kind of start to get emotional .."

He continued:

"Steve ...said don't even do that it's a thousand times more heartbreaking if we see that Sheldon can't even begin to imagine processing or understanding that to the point where his mind won't try it's almost as if he's heard them talking about the weather and I.. really liked that interpretation. "

For Sheldon, it was more of an internal reaction. It was as if his whole world had crumbled after hearing the news.

The stone face, according to Steve Molaro, would be more of a reaction than crying or breaking down and it would suit his character.

What happened in Season 7 Episode 12 of Young Sheldon

In season seven, episode 12 of Young Sheldon, which was aired on May 9, 2024, we see the death of Sheldon’s father, George. He died from a heart attack and the family found out when his colleagues came and broke the news at their door.

Earlier too George had a few mini heart attacks but survived. However, this time, he could not be saved. While Sheldon’s family is devastated after hearing the news, Sheldon is seen sitting on his chair, his face blank - a marker of his extreme state of shock.

Seasons 1-4 of Young Sheldon is now streaming on Netflix.

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