Sullivan's Crossing season 2 episode 8: Release date & time, where to watch, what to expect, and more

Sullivan's Crossing season 2 episode 8: Release date & time, where to watch, what to expect, and more (Image via The CW)

As Sullivan's Crossing season 2 episode 8 approaches its premiere, fans' anticipation has reached a fever pitch. The show follows the journey of Maggie Sullivan, a neurosurgeon whose life takes unexpected turns, leading her back to her hometown. In episode 7, Maggie is revealed to be pregnant and to have returned to her hometown, Sullivan's Crossing, after many years.

The next episode of Sullivan's Crossing, created by Canadian novelist Robyn Carr, is scheduled to air in the US on June 2, 2024, on The CW. The official release time is yet to be known.

Sullivan's Crossing season 2 episode 8, titled Truth and Consequences, unravels the intricate lives and relationships in the small town of Sullivan's Crossing. Episode seven set the stage with major developments and cliffhangers, and fans are anxious to see how the story progresses in the upcoming episode.

Release date and time of Sullivan's Crossing season 2 episode 8

Fans can watch Sullivan's Crossing season 2, episode 8, on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024. Depending on location and platform, viewers can access it differently. The official release time of the episode is yet to be released by the makers.

Where to watch Sullivan's Crossing Season 2 episode 8

Fans have several choices to catch up with Sullivan's Crossing season 2 episode 8.

  • Crave: In Canada, Crave is the main streaming service for Sullivan's Crossing. New shows are released according to their availability, making Crave a popular choice among Canadian audience members.
  • Prime Video: People outside Canada can stream Sullivan's Crossing using Amazon Prime video. It is part of their subscription, making it accessible to people who are not based in Canada.
  • Local Networks: Various local networks broadcast this series. Viewers can refer to their local TV guides regarding channels and time slots.

Fans based in the US can stream the previous episodes on The CW.

What happened in episode 7?

Episode 8, Truth and Consequences, is set to be one turning point in Sullivan’s Crossing, building upon several significant storylines unfolding from episode 7.

1) Maggie’s pregnancy

Maggie's revelation about being pregnant has caused a stir both personally and within the small community. This episode is expected to take a deeper look into how Maggie and people close to her are coping with this information. Their emotional and practical implications of becoming parents will form the focus of Cal’s relationship with her.

2) Cal’s visitor

In the last episode, Cal had an unexpected visitor, which added more mystery and complexity to his storyline. In all likelihood, Episode 8 will explore who this visitor might be, potentially revealing new secrets and creating more chaos for Cal.

3) Family dynamics

This evolution of Sully and Phoebe’s relationship as they come to terms with being grandparents promises touching moments that add depth to the series' theme of family. These interactions serve as an emotional backdrop and exemplify one of the major themes in Sullivan's Crossing.

What to expect in Sullivan's Crossing episode 8?

Maggie who returned home to Sullivan’s Crossing after many years away, will meet her dad, who still runs an outpost for bikers, hikers, and travelers in Sullivan's Crossing. Whether this reunion will be met with love or anger is what makes episode 8 more intriguing.

Sullivan's Crossing season 2 episode 8 is expected to delve deeper into complex characters and relationships, answering fans' anticipation of how the storyline will evolve.

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