What are the reported BTS allegations against Tulsa King season 2? Explained

Tulsa King
Tulsa King' Faces Challenges as Season 2 Production Continues (Image via Paramount+)

Making Tulsa King season 2 has been tough, with many behind-the-scenes issues and controversies causing problems.

Even with Sylvester Stallone's fame and the renowned Taylor Sheridan directing, the show faced obstacles. However, as Tulsa King season 2 prepares for its second season, there's good news too.

Most of the original cast is coming back, and there are exciting new characters expected to add more interest to the story. However, not all is positive in the world of this cowboy mafia drama.

Among the upheavals, serious allegations have surfaced which might impact the future of the show. The return of the show's initial showrunner, Terence Winter, albeit in a diminished role, and claims of a toxic work environment on set have stirred up considerable concern among fans and industry watchers alike.

These developments raise questions about the underlying dynamics and operational ethic within the production.

Rocky road of Tulsa King Season 2: Controversies and changes behind the curtain

Tulsa King Season 2 (Image via Paramount+)
Tulsa King Season 2 (Image via Paramount+)

Tulsa King started off its journey with Terence Winter at the helm as the showrunner for the inaugural season. However, following alleged creative differences with Taylor Sheridan, Winter stepped down.

The friction was reportedly due to Sheridan’s hands-on approach to managing his shows, which often involves significant personal input and sometimes clashes with other creative members. After his exit, Winter was brought back to contribute solely as a writer, not as a showrunner.

This shift marks an attempt to address some of the creative conflicts that initially arose. But the change in leadership roles introduces an element of uncertainty regarding the future direction and coherence of the show’s narrative.

Allegations of a Toxic Work Environment

Perhaps more disturbing are the allegations concerning the work atmosphere on the set of Tulsa King season 2.

According to reports, Sylvester Stallone and an unnamed director made derogatory remarks towards background actors, criticizing their appearances, and, in some instances, their physical disabilities.

The use of such disparaging comments reportedly led to the casting agency, Rose Locke Casting, severing ties with the production. These accusations, if proven true, depict a grim picture of the behind-the-scenes culture, potentially damaging the reputation of the involved parties and the show itself.

What This Means for Tulsa King season 2


Despite these troubling allegations and changes, the production of Tulsa King season 2 has continued, with stakeholders probably hoping that the on-screen product outweighs the off-screen controversies.

Even though the content of the upcoming season might remain unaffected, the surrounding negativity could influence viewer perceptions and the show’s overall reception.

Moreover, the long-term impact on the viability and sustainability of future seasons remains to be seen. If the allegations lead to legal complications or a significant backlash, it might hamper the speed and ease of producing subsequent seasons or could even lead to more drastic measures like cancellation.

In conclusion, while Tulsa King season 2 continues to benefit from high-profile talent and intriguing plot lines, the behind-the-scenes issues pose significant challenges. The return of Terence Winter as a writer and the continuation of production suggest that season 2 could still deliver the gripping drama fans expect.

However, the allegations of misconduct and the restructured production team could leave an indelible mark on the series' legacy and future prospects. How these issues are handled moving forward will be crucial for the show's longevity and integrity.

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