Where is Daniel Gatlin from Netflix's Unlocked today? Whereabouts of subject from the show, explored

Daniel 'Crooks' Gatlin from Netflix 'Unlocked' today (Image via Netflix)

Daniel Thorr Gatlin, known by his nickname "Crooks," first captured public attention through his participation in Netflix's series Unlocked: A Jail Experiment, where he and other inmates shared the harrowing and human aspects of life behind bars at the Pulaski County Detention Facility.

Gatlin's story stood out for his openness and vulnerability, offering viewers a raw look into the struggles faced by those within the criminal justice system. However, the narrative that unfolded after the show revealed the challenging reality of reintegrating into society. In a disappointing turn of events, in January 2024, Gatlin found himself on the wrong side of the law once again.

Arrested in Martin County, Florida, for attempting to sell several pounds of cocaine to undercover agents, this incident underscores the harsh complexities and setbacks that can derail hopes for rehabilitation and change.

Unlocked: A Jail Experiment- Daniel's life story is one of constant battles and brief moments of hope


During his appearance on Unlocked: A Jail Experiment, Daniel "Crooks" Gatlin did not shy away from confronting his past. He shared a particularly poignant moment of his life, saying,

"I guess he was drinking. He was racing somebody down the street. You know how you pull up, hit your engine? They’re racing, and he was drunk and hit a telephone pole," a tragedy in which he lost his father at a young age.

After the show, Gatlin seemed determined to change the narrative of his life and the lives of others by planning to establish a transitional house aimed at deterring individuals from criminal activities. However, his aspirations quickly encountered a stark reality.

His recent arrest in Florida for drug dealing endangers his freedom and highlights the difficulties of successful rehabilitation and escaping a cycle of crime. He could face more than 25 years in prison if found guilty.

Post-show realities and challenges

Daniel Gatlin reflects on life challenges (Image via Netlfix)
Daniel Gatlin reflects on life challenges (Image via Netlfix)

After the Unlocked show, Daniel tried to get better, including going to a rehab program in Florida, but he faced many difficulties. His latest problems started in January when he got arrested for allegedly selling drugs, as reported by CBS News in Florida.

He is said to have sold meth to an undercover cop and admitted to getting the drugs from Mexico. This shows how hard it is to stay on a good path and how easily people trying to improve can fall back into old, bad patterns.

Juanita Gatlin shares her brother's narrative on Netflix's Unlocked

Unlocked - Tough road to recovery for Daniel Gatlin (Image via Netflix)
Unlocked - Tough road to recovery for Daniel Gatlin (Image via Netflix)

Juanita Gatlin's thoughts on her brother's involvement in the Netflix documentary and his actions afterward show a blend of optimism and practicality.

She recognizes that although the jail experiment seemed to have a positive effect on certain individuals, its effectiveness was not uniform across all who took part. Despite the challenges, she points out that Daniel stays optimistic and firmly committed to making a positive impact. She feels this determination showcases his ongoing effort to overcome the pattern of imprisonment and addiction in his life.

Furthermore, during the Netflix series, Daniel, also known as Crooks by those around him, shared a glimpse into the origins of his nickname. He explained,

"People generally called me Crooks. My teeth are kind of crooked a little bit. My smile’s a bit crooked. My eyebrows are a little crooked. One of my ears is higher than the other one. Just kind of stuck."

Daniel Gatlin's experience shown in Unlocked: A Jail Experiment and shared by his sister highlights the difficulties of adjusting to life outside prison, especially with the added struggle of addiction.

Even with the hurdles and legal issues he faces, Daniel's efforts to change his life show the ongoing hope that drives people working towards a better future.

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