Where is Netflix's Eric filmed? All shooting locations explored

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent (Image via Netflix)
Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent (Image via Netflix)

Netflix's latest series, Eric, is a psychological thriller set in the 1980s. It follows the heart-wrenching journey of a renowned puppeteer whose nine-year-old son mysteriously disappears on his way to school. Released on May 30, 2024, the show stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent, who becomes obsessed with trying to bring his son Edgar back.

Vincent's desperation leads him to feature Eric, a blue monster, on his television show for his son to see. His quest strains his relationships with family, friends, and colleagues as he discovers the city's underbelly of corruption and crime.

Meanwhile, Detective Ledroit joins Vincent in the search. The show also explores themes of poverty, racism, and corruption against the backdrop of 1980s New York. The series was shot in several locations in the United States and Europe.

All shooting locations of Netflix's Eric

1) Budapest, Hungary

A still from 'Eric' (Image via Netflix)
A still from 'Eric' (Image via Netflix)

While set in New York City, the new Netflix miniseries was primarily filmed in Budapest, Hungary. According to media outlets, Director Lucy Forbes explained during a press screening that they chose Budapest for its cost-effective studio space and talented crew.

Budapest offered an existing New York backlot, originally constructed for Hellboy 2, which the team revitalized for their Netflix show. The city’s architectural charm and extensive studio facilities allowed the creation of detailed interior sets, including Vincent and Cassie’s apartment.

Additionally, Budapest’s unique locations, such as a popular Hungarian club transformed into The Lux and various historical interiors, perfectly captured the 1980s atmosphere required for the series.

The underground tunnels depicted in Eric were also shot in Budapest. The city’s extensive network of tunnels, originally used for beer storage and travel, provided an authentic backdrop for scenes portraying the lives of New York’s homeless and mole people. The production team’s six to seven-month stay in Budapest proved fruitful, using the city’s architecture and historical location to bring the show to life.

2) New York City

A still from the series (Image via Netflix)
A still from the series (Image via Netflix)

Since Eric is set in 1980s New York, many of its scenes were shot in the Big Apple. Director Lucy Forbes emphasized in the aforementioned press screening that about 80% of the exterior shots were shot in New York. They captured iconic landmarks like the Manhattan Municipal Building, the Empire State Building, and Lincoln Center.

Series creator Abi Morgan highlighted the seamless integration between scenes shot in New York and those filmed elsewhere, making the transitions nearly imperceptible. This careful approach ensures the series remains faithful to the period while retaining a timeless quality, enhancing the viewer's immersive experience.

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3) New Jersey

Gaby Hoffmann and Benedict Cumberbatch (Image via Netflix)
Gaby Hoffmann and Benedict Cumberbatch (Image via Netflix)

The Benedict Cumberbatch-led series was also filmed in New Jersey, where the cast and crew spent five weeks capturing scenes for the Netflix thriller. New Jersey's diverse locations and attractive tax credits made it an ideal filming spot.

Series creator Abi Morgan explained during the press screening that New Jersey's architecture better represented 1980s Manhattan and Brooklyn. Meanwhile, executive producer Lucy Dyke highlighted the challenge of finding authentic 1980s New York settings, leading them to explore various locations worldwide, including Eastern Europe, Canada, and other parts of the U.S.

Ultimately, New Jersey provided the necessary elements, enhanced by VFX supervisor Jean-Louis Autret's work, to recreate the era's look and feel.

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All episodes of Eric are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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